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Ch4 Part3


List the characteristics that destinguish the Church Fathers. Orthodoxy, doctrine, holiness, no variety, antiquity.
How would one gain the title of "Church Father"? Through Tradition.
What is the study of Church Father and their writings called? Patristics
Why are the teachings and writings of the Church Fathers regarded scripture so important to us today? They are apastolic.
How does one gain the title "Doctor of the Church"? They are granted through the pope.
How many Doctors of the Church are there? Over 30.
What was the central issue facing the Church that St. Ambrose struggled against? Herianism
Why did St. Ambrose excommunicate the emperor Theodosius in 390 A.D.? He slaughtered over 700 village people in one year.
Why is the Apostle's Creed divided into three sections corresponding to the Trinity? It is based upon the Trinity and Baptism.
What were St. Jerome's two passions? Ascetical life and scholarship
What was St. Jerome's greatest accomplishment? He translated the Scripture into Latin.
Why is St. Jerome's Vulgate thought to be the most faithful translation of the Bible? He had access to many other manuscripts from languages that no longer exsist.
What is the Douay-Rheims translation? Translation into English based upon the Vulgate.
List three other English translations of the Bible approved by the Catholic, New America, Jerusalem, and Revised Standard Version.
What does the word imprimatur mean, and what does it mean for a book or translation of the Bible to have it? "let it be printed" to assure the reader nothing there is contrary to the Catholic Faith Models.
The word "canon" comes from the Greek word kanan, which means what? Reed or Measuring Rod
What are the deuterocanonical books of the Bible? Tobias, Judith, Baruch, Sirach, Wisdom, 1+2 Macabees
By what other name are the anchorites known. Anachoruin or withdraw.
Which two bodies of thought laid the groundwork for Arius' heresy? Scripture and Neo Platonism
Briefly describe the heresy of Arianism God the Son was less superior than God the Father
Aruis was well educated, but appeared to commit the same error that many Christians make in our day and age. What is it? Underestimated teaching authority of the Church.
Who were the two key figures in the council of Nicea? St. Athanasius and Constantine
Why had the emperor convoked the Council of Nicea? He wanted to promote Christianity.
Why did Pope St. Sylvestor I not attend the Council of Nicea, and who went in his place? He was too old and ill, Bishop Hosius of Cordoba.
What confusing events happened after the council of Nicea that kept Arianism alive? Constantine changed his mind about Arianism.
Which two events finally allowed orthodox Catholic teaching to emerge victorious? Death of Constantine and Passing of Nicene Creed by council of Paris.
The Creed or Profession of Faith that we pray at Mass on Sundays is actually more accurately called the Nicean-Constantinopolitan Creed. Which council of that Church promulgated this version of the Creed? Second Ecumenical Council of Constantinople
0n which three points is the Nicean-Constantinopolitan Creed different form the Nicene Creed? The 2nd section of the comming of the Son, 3rd section of the Holy Spirit, and last section regarding the Sacraments.
Who were the 'Three Cappadocians"? St. Basil the Great, St gregory of Nazians, and St. Gregory of Nyssia.
. On which part of the Trinity did the 'Three Cappadocians" focus? The Holy Spirit.
List five of St. Basil's accomplishments while he was bishop of Caesarea. Recieved an education, gained clarical rights, cared for needs of christian laity, established hospitals and special services.
Sharing much in common with his friend St. Basil, what was St. Gregory's greatest contribution to the Council of Constantinople? He helped bring Arians to the Nicene Faith.
What was the great title for Mary, The Mother of Jesus, That St. Gregory of Nyssa defended and what does it mean? Theotokos, Mother of God
In his well-intentioned efforts to combat Arianism, what error did Apollinaris make? Believed Jesus had humanity but not a human mind.
Explain the heresy of Nestorianism, and how the teaching of Mayas Theotokos was used to refute this heretical doctrine. Christ was a divine and human person in an effort to emphasize his divinity and humanity.
What finally happened to Nestorius? His books were burned and he was sent to death.
Like most heresies, Monophysitism did not start out with the intention of being a heresy. What was it, and what was it responding to? There was only one nature of Christ.
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