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Extra Credit Quiz 6


Encephio Brain
Mening Meninges, membranes
Neur/i, neur/o Nerve, nerve tissue
Amni Amnion, fetal membranes
Andr Male, masculine
Colp Vagina
Embry Fertilized ovum
Episi Vulva
Erect Upright
Estr Female
Gamet Egg or sperm
Gest, gestat Carry young or offsrping
Gravid Pregnancy
Gynec Female
Gonad Sex Glands
Hymen Membrane
Hyster Uterus
Introit Entrance or passage
Lact, Lactat Secrete milk
Mamm, mast Breast
Men Menstruation, menses
Metr/o, Metri/o, Metr/i Uterus
Oophor, Ovari Ovaries
Orch, orchid, test Testicles, testis, testes
Ov Egg
Vagin Vagina
Salping Fallopian tubes
Uter Uterus
Amput, amputat Cut away, cut off part of the body
Ankly Crooked, bent, stiff
Arthro Joint
Carp Wrist bones
Cartilag Cartilage, gristle
Chondr Cartilage
Cost Rib
Crani Skull
Cubit Elbow/forearm
Glen Socket or pit
Myel Spinal cord, bone marrow
Oss/e, Oss/l Bone
Scoli Bent, curved
Spondyl Vertebrea, vertebral column, back bone
Ten, tend Tendons or to stretch out
Thorac Chest
Created by: Jbrooks1283