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AB History CH 3


What 3 continents come together in the Middle East? Africa, Asia, and Europe
What has the Middle East been called? Crossroads of the Ancient World
What is a Bedouin? Arabs who wander from place to place with their herds of camels, sheep, and goats.
What was a millstone purpose? It would grind grain in to flour to make bread
How did the millstone work? Heavy stones rubbed together to grind grain into flour.
What was the most common way of threshing grain? Beat the grain with a stick and turn it over and over again
How did the people cope with extreme heat in the middle of the day? They would rest.
What 2 natural gifts made the Phoenicians the 1st great sea traders of the world? Seacost, and Lebanon Mountains
The Phoenicians were ________; they carried one country's goods to another. Middle Men
Name the important city in Africa with which the Phoenicians traded. Carthage
What was the Phoenicians most valuable contribution to the world? alphabet
Who were the earliest known inhabitants of Asia Minor? Hittites
Hittites were known for building a great __________, a group of countries or kingdoms under the control of a more powerful ruler. Empire
Giving some of your own goods for the goods you desire is called___________ Barter
What replaced this Barter system of trade? systems of money
which group of people minted the first coins? Lydians
Between what sea and what river does Israel lie? Mediterranean Sea, and the Jordan River
Why was Israel often invaded by enemies? trade goods passed to and from through Israel became the "road" on which ancient armies traveled to battle
What is the longest and most important river in Israel? Jordan River
What is a crack in the earth's surface called? fault
what is unusual about the Dead Sea? It's the saltiest body of water in the world.
What is the Dead Seas other name? Salt Sea
What did God promise Abraham? The Land of Canaan
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