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what religions are Monotheistic Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
who was Islam's god and Prophet Allah and Muhammad
where di Islam Originate the Middle east Mecca, Saudi Arabia
what was Islam's Holy Book Qur'an (Koran) it believed to be the word of god as dictated by Muhammad
Sunnis 90% of islam they believed after Muhammad dies that the new prophet should be elected
Shiite (Shi'a) 10% of Islam they believed after Muhammad died that the new prophet should be a decendent
Islam is the worlds second largest religion 1 1/2 billion people
1 of 5 pilars 1 Faith- there is no God but Allah and the prophet Muhammad,
2 of 5 pilars 2 Prayer- dawn, noon, mid-noon, dinner, dusk. face kaaba in mecca
3 of 5 pillars 3 Alms-giving/charity- obligation for those ho can afford it
4 of 5 pillars 4 fasting- no eating or drinking in daylight during Ramadon
5 of 5 pillars 5 pilgrimage to Mecca (the Hajj)- if able every muslin must take one in their life
Holy Trinity God the son + God the Father + God the Holy Spirit
Christianity Originated in... The Middle East roman province of pslestine
Christianity's "Leader" God and Jesus is his son and Messiah
Holy book for Christian's Bible
Christians place of worship is a... Church or Chapel
how big is Christianity two billion world wide almost 1/3 of the world population
what is Communion Christians eat the bread and drink the wine as in Jesus body and Blood when he died on the cross
What is Baptism people entering into the Christian Community
Christmas Christian Holiday celebrate Jesus birth on December 25th
Islams symbol Cresent Moon and Star
Christianity's Symbol Cross
Judaism''s God Yawah
Jews Holy Book Hebrew Bible- Tanaka (old Testament) Torah
Jewish Worship place Synagogue or temple
what are jews waiting for a messiah. they believe jesus or muhammad is not a prophet
Leader of Judaism Abraham
Holy Holidays in Judaism Hanukkah- festival commemorating the rededication of the second temple in Jerusalem
How big is Judaism 14 million in the world, 6 million in isreal, 5 million in united states
Judaism Symbol Star of David
Hinduism worshiped in three forms Braham (the creator) Vishnu (the preserver) Shiva (the destroyer)
Holy Book For Hindus The Veda four books written in sanskrit
Deity Higher being or God
Karma (Hindus/Buddhas) people created their destiny through their words, actions, and thoughts
Reincarnation (Hindus/Buddhas) After death the souls of living beings will be reborn depending on their karma in their past life
Hindus Place of worship Mandir (temple) dedicated to a deity and includes a shrine
How big is Hinduism one billion world wide 15% of the world population 95% of india
Hinduism Symbol "Aum" or "Om" like meditation
Buddha is Not Necessarily a religion why? Buddha taught things "the Way they Are"
Buddhism Holy Book The Tripitka
Four Nobel Truths All life is Suffering, Desire is the cause of pain, End pain by over coming desire, to over come desire have virtue and compassion
Eightfold Path Ends desire and leads to Enlightenment
Nirvana describe the profound piece of mind it is the state of being free from suffering
Buddhism place of Worship Home or Temple on the floor facing buddha (picture) chanting with feet facing away
How big is Buddhism 360 million people 6% of the worlds population 50% china, 13% Thailand, 9% japan
symbol for Buddhism Wheel of Dharma
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