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SW Asia Vocabulary

Geography, ethnic groups, religion

Christianity the belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God
ethnic group a group of people who share cultural ideas and beliefs that have been part of their community for generations.
Arab ethnic group who live mostly in Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East
Gaza Strip a coastal region bordering Israel and Egypt
Islam religious faith of Muslims, based on the word and religious system founded by the prophet Muhammad
Kurds ethnic group that lives in the mountainous areas where Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq come together
Israel a country on the Mediterranean Sea created as a home for the Jewish people
Judaism a religious group of Jews who believe in one God
Muslim a name given to the followers of the Islam religion
Persian Gulf one of the main shipping routes for oil to be shipped out from the rich fields of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries that line its shores
Persians ethnic group that live in the modern country of Iran
Shia Muslims the second largest denomination of Islam
religious group a group with a belief system in a god or gods with a specific set of rituals and literature
Strait of Hormuz a narrow waterway in which ships must navigate to and from the Persian Gulf
Sunni Muslims the largest denomination of Islam
water pollution contamination of water supplies due to chemicals, fertilizers, sewage and other garbage
Created by: Stauffer