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Med term #2

BID, bid Twice a day
ac Before meals
C With
CAP, cap Capsule
gtt, gtts Drop, drops
hs Hours of sleep, bedtime
ad lib As desired, as much as needed
IM Intramuscular
IV Intravenous
qns Quantity not sufficient
GR Grain
DC, disc, d/c Discontinue
ss One half
non rep do not repeat
tinc Tincture
qh Every hour
NPO, npo Nothing by mouth, nothing per os
pc After meals
po By mouth
PRN, prn As needed
QID, qid Four times a day
STAT Immediately
TAB Tablet
TID, tid Three times a day
Antipyretic Drug that recudes fever
Analgesic Drug that relieves pain
Antitussive Drug that relieves cough
Diuretic Increases the excretion of urine
Antidote Counteracts poisons
Antiemetic Prevents vomiting, relieves nausea
Buccal The mouth, oral cavity
Parenteral Other than by mouth
Sublingual Under the tongue
Suppository Cylindrical shapes material inserted into vagina or rectum
Topical Medication administered on top of the skin
Transdermal Through the skin
Anticoagulant Prevents or delays blood clotting
Emulsion Liquid preparation which mixes fine droplets of oil in water
Prescription Written direction for preparation of a medication
Vial Small glass/plastic tube that contains multiple doses of medication
Ampule Small glass container that has a single dose of medication
Elixir Sweetened liquid medicine
Anaphylaxis Severe allergic reaction of the body to a drug or protein
Antibiotic Inhibits growth of bacteria or kills the bacteria
Antianxiety Relieves anxiety
Antacid Neutralizes acidity
N & V Nausea and vomiting
Mydriatic Dilates the pupils
Anti-inflammatory Drugs that reduce inflammation
Antihistamine For allergies
Bronchodilator Dilates the bronchi
Vasodilator Dilates the blood vessels
Vasoconstrictor Narrows or constricts the blood vessels
Hypnotic Produces sleep
Sedative Produces calming effect without causing sleep
Created by: D_ortiz03
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