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AP HuG 1.4 vocab

AP human geography vocab for section 1.4

resource a substance in the environment that is useful to people
sustainability the use of Earth's resources in ways that ensure their availability in the future
renewable resource produced in nature more rapidly than it is consumed by humans
nonrenewable resource produced in nature more slowly than it is consumed by humans
conservation The sustainable use of Earth's natural resources to meet human needs
preservation the maintenance of resources in their present condition with as little human impact as possible
ecology the scientific study of ecosystems
erosion occurs when the soil washes away in the rain or blows away in the wind
depletion of nutrients plants withdraws certain nutrients from the soil and restores others
cultural ecology the geographic study of human-environment relationships
environmental determinism belief that physical environment caused social development
Possibilism belief that physical environment may limit some human actions, but people have the ability to adjust to their environment
polder a piece of land that is created by draining water from an area
Coordinated Universal Time(UTC) known informally as Greenwich mean time, it is the time at the prime meridian (0 degrees longitude) master reference time for all points on Earth
International Date Line an arc that for the most part follows 180 degrees longitude
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