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Pathophysio Test 1


A 5 year old male get's a varicella zoster vaccination. What kind of immunity does this give him and what are the cells that are involved in this type of immunity? The vaccine give him a source of adaptive immunity and T and B cells are involved in adaptive immunity.
A mother breastfeeds her child. What kind of immunoglobulin does the baby recieve from it's mother and what type of immunity is it? IgA and it becomes a part of the patients innate immunity.
A 16 year old male comes in with an infection from Propionibacterium acnes. He has red swollen bumps on his face that when squeezed produce a pus. What is the classification of the pus? a) Transudate b) Extravasion c) Exudate d) Whitehead Exudate
What are the stages of acute inflammation? Select all that apply. a) Histamine and bradykinin release leading to dilation of blood vessels b) Margination c) Chemotaxis d) Release of prostaglandins and leukotrienes e) Granuloma formation A, B, C, D
A man comes in with fever. What laboratory test should be run on a man to help determine the cause of infection? Select all that apply. a) CBC b)TSH and T4 count c) ALT and AST d) ESR and CRP e) Urinalysis A, D, E
A 77 year old female comes in with an acute infection. On CBC what immune cell do you expect to have a high amount of? a) Macrophages b) PMN c) Natural killer cells d) High B cell count PMN
A 5 year old male comes in with an acute infection. What systemic response do you expect to find on examination. Choose all that apply. a) Fever b)Pain c) Lethargy d) High levels of memory B cells e) Cachexia A, B, C
Which answer choice is primary prevention? Choose all that apply. a) Mammogram b) Gym it up c) Immunization d) Diet e) Colonoscopy every 5 years start at age 55 B, C, D
Which disease is a chronic illness? Select all that apply. a) Asthma b) Osteoarthritis c) Rheumatoid arthritis d) Candida albicans infection in an immunocompromised individual. e) Cirrohsis of the liver A, B, C, E
A new born infant has yellowish skin when born. What is most likely elevated in this newborn? a) Albumin b) Glycogen c) Bilirubin d) Bile C
A 66 year old alcoholic comes in with severe cirrhosis. Which answer is correct about his disease. Choose all that apply. a) Venous hypertension b) Jaundice c) Thrombocytopenia d) Esophageal aneurysm e) Ascites ALL CORRECT!
What are the most common causes of cirrhosis? Select all that apply. a) Hepatitis b) Excessive alcohol c) Bilirubin deficiency d) Bacterial infection A and B
A 81 year old female with chronic cirrhosis gets labs drawn. What do you exepect to find? Choose all that apply a) High levels of Na and K b) Low levels of bilirubin c) Hypoglycemia d) Low levels of vitamin K C and D
A 70 year old female with RA comes in with thicked finger joints. She asks what the medical term for this is. Select correct answer. a) Granuloma b) Smegma c) Pegmus D) Pannus D
A 89 year old male comes in with warm swollen joints in both hands and pain in both shoulders and knees. What disease does he have? A) Osteoarthritis B) Cirrhosis C) Staphlococcus infection D) Rheumatoid Arthritis D
A 70 year old female with kyphosis comes and pain in her knee that gets lessens with rest. What does she most likely have? a) Osteoarthritis b) Rheumatoid arthritis c) Caplan syndrome d) Spinal stenosis A
A 55 year old coal minor comes in with bilateral joint pain and a cough. Nodules are found in lungs on xray. What disease does he have? a) Osteoarthritis b) TB c) Caplan syndrome d) Lupus Erythematosus C
A 60 year old male with RA comes in with swollen joints. Fluid is removed from joints. What do you expect to find? a) PMN b) Basophils c) Macrophages d) Natural killer cells A
A patient asks about portal hypertension. Select all that apply to portal hypertension. a) Can lead to esophageal varices b) Can lead to spider angiomatas and enlarged abdominal veins c) Can lead to ascites d) Can lead to congestive heart failure All correct
A patient asks what the liver does. Select all that apply to what the liver does. a) Regulates body absorption of sugar b) Breaks down medicines and toxins c) Metabolizes vitamins to help with platelet formation d) Stores glycogen B, C, D
Created by: wreichsmith
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