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medical term test

the combining form is: root + combining vowel
the combining form for joint is: arthr/o
suffix meaning for inflammation: itis
prefix meaning for under or deficiency: hypo
suffix meaning study of: Logy
combining form for urinary bladder cyst/o
combining form for nerve neur/o
combining form for liver hepat/o
tumor of a gland adenoma
visual examination of urinary bladder cystoscopy
combining form for eye: ophthalm/o
prediction of an outcome of a treatment prognosis
combining form for women: gynec/o
combining form for white: Leuk/o
combining form for red: Erythr/o
nerve pain neuralgia
combining form for disease path/o
combining form for stomach gastr/o
combining form for small intestine enter/o
combining form for heart cardi/o
combining form for mind psych/o
the suffix logy means the study of
the suffix for tomy means process of cutting
suffix for emia means blood condition
ren/o nephr/o kidney
suffix for globin means protein
term relates to the brain cerebrum
the suffix algia means pain
a cancerous tumor carcinoma
the suffix itis means inflammation
red blood cell erythrocyte
the suffix for abnormal condition osis
Suffix for the process of visually examination scopy
suffix for an instrument of visual examination scope
prefix for excessive hyper
prefix for below sub
prefix for across or through trans
prefix for foward or before pro
lapro abdomen
prefix for below or less hypo
body system responsible for breathing respiratory system
voice box larynx
the endocrine gland found at the base of the brain pituitary gland
an excessive amount of sugar in the blood hyperglycemia
a cerebral accident cva commonly known as a stroke is caused by thrombosis
a nervous tissue surrounding the back bone spinal cord
the double membrane surrounding the abdomen peritoneum
bones in the region of the hip pelvic
space in the chest that contains the heart mediastinum
backbone is vertebrae
backbone of the region of the neck cervical
the flexible space between the joint cartilages
the tailbone is the coccyx
anterior means front
the plane that divides the body from left to right sagittal plane
the series of x rays that shows the body in cross sectionals ct scan
the term pertaining to the lining of skin cells epithelial
incision of the skull is called craniotomy
the term meaning pertaining to the throat pharyngeal
inflammation of the lungs pleuritis
transverse plane cuts upper and lower
where is the cervical the neck
cardi/o heart
front anter/o
bronch/o bronchial tubes
hepat/o liver
lungs pleural
throat pharyngeal
tracheal wind pipe
side lateral
laryngeal voice box
the lining of the abdominal wall peritoneal
space between the lungs mediastinal
chrondr/o cartilage
sacr/o sacrum ( the fused bones in the lower back)
Created by: Nett0718