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HealthcareDelivery 1

For AHIMA Health Care Delivery Systems course: Chapter 1

True or False: Washington lobbyists are a major element of the US healthcare delivery system. False
True or False: "Healthcare" is not an accurate descriptor for the US delivery system because the majority of resources, expenditures and activities relate to treating illness. True
Is plastic surgery a specialty or a subspecialty? Specialty
What did the first few meetings of the American Nurses Association result in? A nursing code of ethics.
True or False: Allied health professionals are personnel who complement the work of physicians and other specialists in the healthcare system. True
True or False: Allied health professionals are licensed in every state, and are required to have academic degrees. False
Which of these is the correct term for a patient who receives selected hospital department services and is typically discharged within 24 hours? Inpatient; outpatient; special patient. Outpatient
True or False: In the future, the need for reform of the US healthcare delivery system is likely to lead to decreased involvement of government agencies and professional associations. False
True or False: Allied health occupations, managed care organizations, and trade associations are considered major parts of the healthcare delivery system. True
Who has primary responsibility for setting the overall direction of a hospital? The Board of Directors
Which organization performs accreditation surveys for various types of healthcare organizations? The Joint Commission
True or False: The American Medical Association's ability to lead a reform of the profession was limited until it broke its ties with the medical schools in 1874. True
Who encouraged the creation of independent state licensing boards? The American Medical Association
A coding professional is part of which healthcare services? Health Information Management (HIM) services (which is part of clinical support services)
Who administers licensure tests to medical school graduates? State medical boards
Name two driving forces behind future changes in the U.S. healthcare system. Advances in technology; aging population; complexity of the current healthcare model.
True or False: Professionals choose to be identified with the label "allied health." The definition of allied health is generalized so that it can be changed as the healthcare system evolves. True
What committee of the American Medical Association defines "allied health"? The Committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation
What allowed surgeons to develop more advanced surgical techniques in the mid-19th century? Improvement in anesthesia methods
What is the level of education and training typical of a nurse administrator or a nursing educator? Typically both a bachelor's degree and additional postgraduate education in nursing.
A not-for-profit hospital owned by a religious organization would be referred to as what type of hospital? A voluntary hospital.
True of False: Thoracic and urology are surgical specialties. True
True or False: Pediatric surgery is is a surgical subspecialty. True
True or False: The largest proportion of expenditures in the public healthcare system come from the Department of Veteran's Affairs. False
True or False: The largest proportion of expenditures in the public system come from Medicare and Medicaid. True
Where do the largest proportion of expenditures in the public health system come from? Medicare and Medicaid
What is the primary objective of a hospital's medical staff? High-quality patient care
True or False: In the 18th and 19th centuries, the decline in lethal diseases was primarily a result of medical discoveries and new laboratory techniques. False
True or False: The decline in most lethal diseases in the 18th and 19th centuries was a result of improvements in public health and nutrition. True
What was the first hospital in the British colonies of North America, established in 1752? The Pennsylvania Hospital
True or False: The public system for funding U.S. healthcare consists of federal and state funded programs. False
True or False: The public system for funding U.S. healthcare consists of federal, state, and locally funded programs. True
What five professional organizations created the Joint Commission? American College of Surgeons; American College of Physicians; American Hospital Association; American Medical Association; Canadian Medical Association
What defines a hospital as a long-term care facility? Average lengths of stay longer than 30 days.