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ASA medical terminology course chapt 1

Gastr/o Stomach
entr/o small intestine
colo or colon/o large intestine
itis inflammation
arthr/o joints
gastritis inflammation of the stomach
arthritis inflammation of the joints
enteritis inflammation of small intestine
colitis inflammation of large intestine
gastroenterocolitis inflammation of the stomach, small and large intestine
cardio heart
vascular blood vessel
cyan bluish discoloration
osis abnormal bluish condition
hemat/o blood
oma tumor or mass
hemoglobin protein of red blood cells
Nephr/o kidney
nephritis inflammation of the kidney
Melan/o black
eosin/o rosey red
thrombocyte clot cell
erythocyte red blood cell
leukocyte white blood cell
leukemia white blood cell condition
cyte cell
melanocyte black cell
colonscopy visual examination of the large intestine
albin/o white
melanoma black tumor
hepatitis inflammation of the liver
anemia low count of red blood cells
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
cyanosis bluish abnormal condition
RBC red blood cell
WBC white blood cell
myocardial pretaining to the muscle of the heart
renal pretaining to the kidney
appendectomy surgical removal of the appendix
hepatoma tumor of the liver
splenomegaly enlargement of the spleen
bilateral pretaining to both sides
hematoma collection of blood within the tissue
-ectomy surgical removal
-osis abnormal
myo muscle
-al pretaining to
iac pretaining to
ar pretaining to
ous pretaining to
ac pretaining to
ic pretaining to
ary pretaining to
nary pretaining to
antepartum before delivery
antemortum before death
ante- before
mortum death
partum delivery
anti- against
bio- life
hemi half
hemiparalysis half paralyzed
neonate new born baby
neo new
nat/o before birth
derm/o skin
intra into
subgastric under the stomach
hypogastric under the stomach
sublingual under the tongue
hepatosplenomagly enlargement of the liver and the spleen
cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart
cardiomyopathy disease of the heart muscle
myocardial heart muscle
osteopathy disease of the bone
neuropathy nerve disease
neuro nerve
nephropathy kidney disease
abduction away from the body
adduction toward the body
bradycardi slow heart rate
ectopic out of the place
epicardium outer layer
myocardium muscle layer
endocardium inner layer
epicarditis inflammation of the outer layer
myocarditis inflammation of the muscle layer
endocarditis inflammation of the inner layer
intercostal in between the ribs
pericarditis inflammation of the membrane
angioplasty surgical repair of the blood vessel
polyarthritis inflammation of many joints
myosarcoma cancer of the muscle
gastralgia stomach pain
dermatoid resembling the skin
intercoastal pretaining to between the ribs
hypogastric pretaining to below the stomach
suprarenal above the kidney
adrenal above the kidney
pathology study of the disease
nephrologist kidney specialist
hyperglycemia excessive/ high blood sugar in blood
liposarcoma cancer of the fatty tissue
dermoplasty surgical repair of skin
plasty surgical repair
laparoscopy viewing of abnormal cavity
hypokalemia low level of potassium in blood
abnormal away from normal
hematuria blood in the urine
-pathy disease
-megaly enlargement
hepat/o liver
oste/o bone
brady slow
ex out
non not
globin protein
pnea breathing
cytosis condition of cells
Created by: sashagarcia