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Absolutism ejb

ultimate power of the king without check absolutism
god gives the monarch the right of absolutism divine right
invaded England to return the country to Catholic Church. Weakened Spain by incessant wars and poor economic choices. Phillip II
Spanish emperor and holy roman emperor. Charles V
Broke the power of nobles and Protestants by destroying walled cities and castles.Used the middle class for government jobs. Cardinal Richelieu
The Sun King, the best example of an absolute monarch Louis XIV
The main influence of the thirty years war Ferdinand II
a religious war between Catholics and Protestants Thirty Years War
religion and the throwing of the emperor's representatives out of a window causes of thirty year war
modernized Russia by making a trip to Western Europe to learn modern techniques. Moved Moscow to St.Petersburg. Built up the navy and diffeted the Swedes. Peter the Great
Hennry VIII, Mary I, Elizabeth I Tudor Dynasty
Had conflicts with parliament. During it James I dissolved parliament. Chrles I was executed. James II created King James Bible. Stuart Dynasty
forced the king to call parliament when raising taxes Petition of Right
executed several of Charles I officials, declared that parliament couldn’t be dissolved without its consent. Started English Civil War Long Parliament
lasted from 1642 to 1651, sign that Absolute rule was ending in Europe English Civil War
took the title “Lord Protector” and set up a dictatorship after the execution of Charles l Oliver Cromwell
James II became king, Parliament out of fear invited James’ daughter and William III of orange to take the throne. Glorious Revolution
established the power of parliament over the monarchy which created a “limited monarchy” English Bill of Rights.
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