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HMS ME vocab 1

Chaper 3, section 1: Geography of the Fertile Crescent Flounders 2014

Fertile Crescent rich, fertile farmland in the shape of an arc in the Middle East
silt a mixture of rich soil and tiny rocks, good for farming
irrigation a way of supplying water
canals human-made waterways
surplus more food or other items than needed
division of labor / specialization an arrangement in which each worker is an expert in a particular task or job
civilization a society that has developed systems of government, religion, and learning
Mesopotamia What means "between the rivers" in Greek?
Tigris and Euphrates Mesopotamia lies between which two rivers?
near rivers Where did early people settle?
Persian Gulf Mesopotamia lies between Asia Minor and the __________ ___________. (body of water)
Mediterranean Sea The Fertile Crescent extends from the Persian Gulf to the ___________ _________. (body of water)
barley, wheat, grains Name two crops that ancient Mesopotamians grew.
Food surplus Irrigation systems caused a ____________ ______________.
make pottery, craftsmen, manage building projects, digging irrigation systems Food surpluses allowed some people to stop farming, and do other things, such as:
canals, building up the banks, irrigation systems What was built to aid in protecting the land?
True True or False: Mesopotamia received little rain.
False True or False: Farming was very easy in Mesopotamia.
False True or False: Due to food surpluses, people were only able to eat one kind of food.
agriculture Even after the food surplus, Mesopotamian society was still based on __________________
cultural, economic Cities became centers of political, religious, __________, and _________ activity.
livestock killed, crops destroyed, houses washed away What negative things happened to Mesopotamians when it flooded?
The floods made Mesopotamian soil rich and fertile which enabled them to grow more crops. What caused the food surplus?
Hunter-gatherers What kind of group first settled in Mesopotamia?
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