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Edge Exam

Real Test #9

In terms of quality and safety which of the following would be the best definition for a checklist? algorithmic listing of actions to be performed
The seal that is found inside the door of the sterilizer is which of the following? gasket
The packaging area is for inspecting, assembling, and packaging which of the following items? clean items
Minerals such as calcium and magnesium can affect the efficacy of the disinfectant by tying up its: active ingredients
The monitoring device that has been impregnated with a known number and type of microorganism and is used to verify that all the condition necessary for sterilization have been met is which of the following? biological indicator
The percentage of items filled (available) when an order is placed is the inventory service level
In terms of communication, when the receiver takes the message and interprets its meaning it is known as which of the following? decoding
Lubricants are an important part of instrument maintenance because they help to maintain the integrity of instruments and keep them in good working order. All of the following are also reasons lubricants are important EXCEPT: cost-effectiveness
Suction units, heat therapy units, and IV infusion pumps are examples of which of the following? patient care equipment
Once items are cleaned, dried, and inspected, those requiring sterilization must be wrapped or placed in rigid containers and should be arranged in instrument trays/baskets items with removable parts should be reassembled
according to the guidelines provided by the AAMI and other professional organizations. Which of the following is NOT a guideline of the AAMI? items with removable parts should be reassembled
The turbidity of water is best described as which of the following? the relative clarity of the water
Which of the following is the most likely source for cross contamination to occur? keyboards
Equipment leasing and rental differs by: equipment rental is done on a shorter term basis
Canisters are not used for items such as dressings, cotton balls, or needles because they do not allow for adequate air displacement
Cooling time for sterile items will be impacted by all but which of the following? employee handling
When a person is writing an email to a person for the first time all of the following would be good suggestions except for: Use capital letters to emphasize salient points.
If textile packages are wrapped tightly they will do which of the following not allow for fiber swelling
If a listener of communication helps the speaker to know if the message has been correctly received the listener is giving feedback
The removal of any residue of cleaning agents and chemicals remaining after the cleaning process, is known as: free-rinsing
Any contaminated items must be transported in covered, rigid, puncture-proof containers that are: properly labeled or color-coded
When one person is favored because of a quality found to be attractive or valuable this is known as which of the following? the halo effect
Which of the following is the least appropriate guideline for sterile storage? Sterile storage areas should be constructed of porous materials.
Pouches for packaging are designed with paper on one side of the pouch for which of the following reasons? to adapt to steam sterilization
Several principles of quality management form the foundation of a quality process. Which of the following is NOT one of them? assumptive decisions
The conductivity of water is an important measurement that indicates its ionic charge. Today’s technology provides water that is resistant to a minimum of 300,000 ohms
The instrument for recording necessary information when labeling packaging material should have all of the following properties EXCEPT: water-based
OSHA violations are rated in several different ways. Not correcting a prior violation is classified as: failure to abate
A group of organs working together in the body to carry out a particular activity is a system
Which of the following should never be used to protect instrument tips while being assembled for sterilization? latex tubing
Items with lumens must be flushed with sterile, distilled water immediately before sterilization. The reason for this is which of the following? It aids in steam contact for sterilization.
The period during which an item is considered safe for use is which of the following? shelf life
The main elements that contribute to the “hardness” of water are: calcium and magnesium
The “fire triangle” includes all but which of the following? an area in which to ignite
If you wish to wash and sterilize instrument in the same process to insure the safety of processing personnel you would use which of the following? instrument washer sterilizer
Which of the following is an advantage of a stockless or just-in-time distribution system? It frees space for other uses.
How often must patient care equipment be processed? after every use
Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS) is the process designed for the steam sterilization of patient care items for immediate use. Which of the following statements about IUSS is least accurate? IUSS involves a high temperature ranging from 270-275°F with extended dry time.
Borosilicate glass containers are only for use with which type of process? dry heat sterilization
The hinge point of a surgical instrument is which of the following? box lock
The difference between what should be available and what is available in a perpetual inventory system is known as the: variance
The ventilation system should allow for no less than how many air exchanges? 10
In today’s technology, the preferred standard is water that is resistant to a minimum of: 300,000 ohms
A written and enforceable law enacted by a governing body is which of the following? statute
Purchasing personnel can achieve lowest price goals by using which of the following instead of relying on brand names? specifications
Agents that hold hard water minerals in solution are called chelating agents
Patient care equipment should be stored at which time? when it is ready to use
The powered surgical instrument used for the removal of bone cement is which of the following? cebatome
The reactive process used after an unwanted event has occurred to analyze what may have led to the event is root cause analysis
Sterilization documentation is used in each of the following instances EXCEPT: to choose the appropriate vendor
All healthcare facilities are required to have a policy and procedure for proper handling, decontaminating, sterilizing, and destroying instrumentation and equipment contaminated with which of the following? Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
A sequential compression unit does which of the following? limits the development of deep vein thrombosis
When taking equipment to the decontamination area, which of the following should be done at the point of use whenever possible? liquids should be disposed of
Which of the following describes the probability of a viable microorganism being present on a product unit after sterilization? sterility assurance level (SAL)
Time is an important factor in the disinfecting process. The disinfecting agent’s direct contact with the instrument being disinfected is essential to achieve which of the following effect? bactericidal
If the quality of the water used in cleaning equipment is not optimum or the soap/detergent mixtures are not correct, a chalk-powdery, substance appears on the walls of the equipment. To remove this, which of the following is used descaling agent
Each of the following are keys to maintaining sterility EXCEPT: expiration date
Determining when consumable supplies should be replaced and insuring that an item can be quickly located and are factors in which of the following processes? equipment tracking process
The technique used to find the best practices and to incorporate those practices within your department is which of the following? benchmarking
In terms of housekeeping in the sterile storage area, which of the following statements is not accurate? Cleaning should start in the dirtiest part of the area and move to the sterile holding area.
Semi-critical patient care items minimally require which of the following? high-level disinfection
A nurse tells you that no matter how many times she asks, she never has enough supplies in her unit. You reply, “That must be frustrating.” This is an example of which of the follow listening techniques? acknowledging
Patient care items are divided into three categories based on the degree of risk of infection when the items were used on patients. Which of the following items would fall into the category of semi-critical items? endotracheal tubes
As part of the job of a central service technician, work-related problems are identified and solved. This is known as: process improvement
In terms of flash sterilization, medical devices composed of all metal or glass, nonporous, and with no lumens that are placed in an unwrapped perforated tray 270° F for 3 minutes
are to be sterilized in a high-speed gravity-displacement or prevacuum flash sterilizer at what temperature and for how long? 270° F for 3 minutes
The chemical indicator tape verifies: the item has been exposed to sterilizing parameters
Equipment should be inspected for damage such as cracked or frayed electrical cords how often? whenever the equipment is cleaned
Washer/decontaminators use a cycle of pre-rinsing, cleaning with a detergent solution, and rinsing with a final rinse using water at which of the following ranges of temperature? 180° F to 195° F
Packs vary in size, shape, and composition, but these must be limited to proportions that will be compatible with which of the following? sterilant, temperature, and exposure time used during the sterilization cycle
Packaging materials must provide a reliable barrier against microorganisms. This is created by establishing: a tortuous path
Adequate air removal is essential in steam sterilization for which of the following reasons? Air will inhibit direct contact with the steam necessary for sterilization to occur.
Disinfection can only be performed on which of the following? nonliving objects
The level of decontamination required is determined by which of the following? how an item was or will be used
When handling sterile packages, it is important for CS technicians to follow proper hygiene practices. Which of the following is NOT a proper hygiene practice for CS technicians? Except for watches, jewelry should not be worn in the sterile storage area.
Tissue, body fat, blood, and other body substances found on instruments are known as gross soil
The size of packs must be limited to proportions that will be compatible with the sterilant, temperature, and exposure time used during the sterilization cycle. Packs containing woven materials should not exceed the accepted maximum size of: 12 x 12 x 20 inches
Sterilization efficacy is impacted as a container’s weight increases causing which of the following? wet pack syndrome
Which of the following is a communication myth? Communication is a one-way process; the sender tells the receiver.
There are two basic categories of sterility packaging. They are: reusable and disposable
Wrapped packages to be sterilized by steam may require that an absorbent towel be placed under the item for two reasons. The first is to absorb moisture that occurs during the steam cycle. Which of the following is the other reason? to prevent package rips and tears during storage to prevent package rips and tears during storage
If holes or punctures are discovered in textiles, the linen wrap must be repaired. This is done using which of the following? heat-sealed patches
When manually cleaning, to facilitate the cleaning process, the water temperature should be below: 110°F
The central service technician must be familiar with common prefixes used in the medical profession. The prefix “supra-“ refers to which of the following? above
The tracking system which enables the tracking of a single instrument within a set is which of the following? laser etched bar code
The type of steam sterilization cycle in which steam enters at the top of the chamber is which of the following? gravity-displacement cycle
Sterilized packages should be handled as little as possible. If properly sterilized packages are thought to be exposed to environmental challenges or multiple handlings before use, sterility maintenance covers (dust covers) Sterility maintenance covers must be labeled as such.
may be used to protect and extend the package shelf life. Which of the following is true about using sterility maintenance covers? Sterility maintenance covers must be labeled as such.
To increase the amount of thermal energy contained in the steam, the temperature of the steam must be: increased
The diagnostic test of a sterilizer's ability to remove air from the chamber of a prevacuum steam sterilizer is which of the following? Bowie-Dick test
Advantages to the use of peracetic acid in high-level disinfection of endoscopes include all but which of the following? All scopes are compatible with peracetic acid solutions.
Which of the following statements about the simultaneous wrapping technique is least accurate? Two detached wrappers of nonwoven material are used with this type of wrapping.
The digestive process begins in the mouth
The document that identifies a physician’s needs for a specific medical procedure is which of the following? doctor preference card
Compounds which have a negative electrical charge on the large organic portion of the molecule are known as anionic
Brushes used for cleaning are usually made of: nylon bristles
The instrument that is used to move tissues and organs to keep them exposed during surgery is which of the following? retractor
If personnel must carry sterile items, they should be carried in what manner? in the hands
In terms of flat wrapping techniques, if a package is only wrapped once, but it requires a special double-layered synthetic non-woven material bound on two or four sides, this is known as simultaneous wrapping
The situation in which items are considered sterile unless the integrity of the packaging is compromised or suspected of being compromised is which of the following? event-related sterility
The patient care equipment which uses controlled suction to close large wounds is which of the following? wound V.A.C. therapy unit
There are three ways to obtain value from an obsolete product. Which of the following is NOT one of them? Recycle the obsolete product.
In terms of the FDA labeling document which requires manufacturers to comply with seven new criteria involving reprocessing instruction ensuring that instructions are followed
when they submit medical device applications to the FDA for evaluation, the user is responsible for which of the following? ensuring that instructions are followed
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