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Health Care Systems

World Health Organization sponsored by UN investigates and addresses serious health problems throughout the world
US Department of Health and Human Services deals with the health problems of the US
National Institutes of Health a division of the USDHHS involved in research in disease
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention division of USDHHS concerned with cause spread and control of diseases in populations
Food and Drug Administration regulate food and drug products sold to public
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research research the quality of health care delivery and identify the standards of treatment that should be provided
Occupational Safety and Health Administration protects workers from job related injuries
Optical Center vision
Medical Offices Services include eamination, diagnosis, and treatment
General Hospitals Found in most small towns
Rehabilitation Facility Help patients obtain maximum self-care and function
Mental Health facility Treats patients with mental disorders and diseases
Examples of Mental Health Facilities Guidance and counseling centers, Chemical abuse treatment centers, psychiatric clicics and hospitals
Created by: MelMarWar