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Phlebotomy Final

State test review

Another Name for blood bank immunohemotology
With which other hospital department would the lab coordinate drug monitoring with? Pharmacy
Electrolyte testing includes: Sodium and Potassium
Why is it a phlebotomis roll tot promote good public relations? ease patient anxiety
Coding used for reimbursement uses what national coding system? CPT 9 and 10
What department administers oxygen therapy Respiratory Therapy
Term used to describe sophisticated high complexity care tertiary care
Greek word phlebotomy translated means: vein incision or to cut a vein
What is NOT a phlebotomist duty? Start or draw from IV
ASCP certified phlebotomist credential is: PBT
work shops by agencies to update skills for license renewal is called CEU's
Another name for medical lab scientist is: Medical Technologist
What is a barrier to effective communication? Child, upset patient, different language
What is a confirming response to a patient? I understand how you must be feeling
Example of negative kinesics. Frowning
What communicates unprofessionalism? Intense body odor or cologne
It is improper telephone protocol to: hang up on a caller
Which duty is NOT done by local health agencies? licensure of healthcare workers
Acknowledging a patients beliefs, customs, and attitude exemplifies: Diversity Awareness
A phlebotomist who takes short cuts to get a sample exhibits: unprofessionalism
department testing for infectious diseases and antibodies is called: immunology
What charges come from drawing a patient without consent Assault and battery
Two phlebs are over heard talking a bout a patient, what violation is this? invasion of privacy
What does NOT violate a patients right to privacy? Sharing collection site information
Malpractice is a claim of: improper treatment
If a phlebotomist does not put the needle and hub in sharps they are: Negligent
What organization sets standards for phlebotomy procedures? CLIS
What action will compromise the quality of a specimen? Partially filling EDTA tube
Is filling out a daily time sheet part of QC? Nope
What analyte result is adversely affected by chilling? Potassium
When a threshold value of a QA is exceeded and problem identified: Corrective action plan implemented
Standard of care is influenced by: Joint Commission
which is least likely to be rejected: icteric, clotted, lipemia, or hemolized Icteric specimen
what do we NOT put on an incident report? Suggestion for guidelines or opinions
Where can you find any test you need information on/about? Collection manual
NPSG's specified 2014 goals for the lab is to: improve communication
why do some tests require immediate cooling? Slow metabolic process
What is NOT included in malpractice litigation? institution informed of injury to patient
What is found in procedure manual? revision dates
Why does QC prohibit use of out dated tubes? additive to sample ratio
Unauthorized release of confidential patient info is called invasion of privacy
Definition of a minor is: not of age of majority
analytical factor thats out of Phlebs control that affects testing is: patient preparation
how do you control sever bleeding? apply direct pressure
Class C fire electrical equipment
HBV Vaccination involves dose then second dose at 1 month and last dose at 6 months
employee screening for infection control is: PPD testing
what is the acronym for fire code? RACE
Protecting the patient from infection is what type of isolation? Protective
OSHA HazCom Standard is also called: Right to know law
Dawning PPE gown, mask, goggles, gloves
Employers must offer ____ with in 10 working days HBV Vaccine
FIRST thing you do when stuck by dirty needle: wash for at least 30 seconds
Principles involved in radiation exposure time, distance, shielding
Nosocromal infection example: infected catheter
potential permucosal exposure to organisms touching eyes with contaminated hands
A patient with _________ would be placed in protective isolation. Severe burns
Work practice control reducing the risk of exposure to blood borne pathogen is: wash hands
What type of transmission of infectious agent is a cough or sneeze? Droplet
If a phlebotomist is bit thru skin, comes in contact with blood thru a cut, splashes body fluids in eyes or mouth what type of exposure occurs? Occupational exposure
What PPE is taken off AFTER leaving pt room? Respirator
Hazardous labels MUST include? GHS statment, pictogram, severity signal
CLSI says scrubs should be how far off floor? one to one and a half inches
Isolation sign saying everyone MUST wash hands before exiting room indicates patient may have what type of spore forming microbe? Clostridium Difficile
If body fluids get into eyes, eyes must be flushed for a minimum of: ten minutes
N-95 respirator must be worn for what type of precaution? Airborne
What part of ostiocondritis is the suffix? itis
What does the suffix of the term glycolysis mean? Breakdown
singular form of alveoli: alveolus
medical term for white blood cell: leukocyte
Medical term for kidney inflammation: Nephritis
PP means: After a meal or post perandial
ESR Means: erythrocyte sedimentation rate
term meaning condition of clotting: Thrombosis
term meaning muscle pain: Myalgia
Term meaning hardening of artery: Arteriosclerosis
what is the root word in electrocardiogram? cardi
A prefix : precedes the root word
suffix in the term lipase is: ase
polycythemia means: blood condition of many cells
A 2hr postprandial specimen should be drawn: 2 hours after eating
What vascular access device is placed in a peripheral vein for the purpose of blood collection and drug administration? Heparin lock
Abbreviation ESR or ESRW means: Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
The abbreviation PP means: after eating or post prandial
ABG specimine rejection criteria includes: air bubbles, incomplete or missing label, QNS
The ability of the body to repair and maintain its self to achieve a steady state is called: Homeostasis
According to CLIS _________ is the recommended blood culture site skin disinfectant for infants 2 months or older: chlorhexidine glucose
According to CLIS standards which of the tubes listed below is filled last when using a syringe? EDTA
According to CLIS the maximum time limit for separating serum or plasma from cells is: 2.0 hours from time of collection
According to standard first aid procedures, severe external bleeding is best controlled by: Applying direct pressure
The accumulation of _____ in the blood can cause metabolic acidosis lactate
An additive tube should be mixed: as soon as it is filled
All of the following are included in the DOT's 10 steps to collection site security and integrity EXCEPT: ensuring video monitoring is working
What is included on the Joint Commission (TJC) do not use list Kg
A 24hr creatinine and clearance test is used to determine the function of Kidneys
The ability to achieve both accuracy and precision is: reliability
According to OSHA regulations, who must provide PPE? Employer
All manufacturers of laboratory reagents must supply a document stating the hazardous properties of the material and other data regarding the use and disposal of the reagent. What is this document called? Material safety data sheet
What can cause a false positive rapid strep test contamination
What can be a cause of a false negative rapid strep test improper storage or collection
A common reason for a specimen error not caused by random errors: imprecise timing
All testing procedures in the clinical lab must be monitored for accuracy and precision using: at least 2 levels of controls
A decrease in the number of white blood cells is known as: leukopenia
Define homeostasis a state of physiological equilibrium
An electronic cell counter is used for: red and white cells
A false positive nitrate on a urine sample indicates improper storage
For a lab having a certificate of provider performed microscopy, what type of healthcare provider would not be allowed to perform microscopic procedures medical assistant
The function of the kidney is to remove ________ and reabsorb ________ waste products and water
Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidose (GGT) is particularly elevated in alcoholic cirrhosis
Glucose is stored in the liver as glycogen
A GTT includes what specimen Blood
Where is hemoglobin found red blood cells
Anthrax is a bacteria
Although many antiseptics and disinfectants may kill HIV, the most practical one for use on contaminated equipment is: 10% bleach solution
Another name for low blood sugar is hypoglycemia
Another type of testing that can ensure accuracy in addition to QC is: proficiency testing
An autoclave sterilizes by Steam and increased pressure
Blood cultures are ordered for: FUO - fevers of unknown origin
A gradual change in the mean that proceeds in one direction over six or more consecutive days is known as a: Trend
Hemoccult testing detects blood in the Stool
Hemoglobin electrophoresis is used to diagnose anemia
The HIPPA privacy rule does not protect patient information that is: accidentally overheard
How can a nurse collect a sterile urine from an incontinent patient Using a catheter
A cellophane tape preparation should be taken to which department microbiology
A centrifuge is used to separate liquids from solids
How long can urine be refrigerated if not tested right away 4 hours
How long must test requisitions be kept by the lab two years
The change in the shape of erythrocytes as observed on a peripheral smear is described as: poikilocytosis
CLIA does not mandate waived tests
How long should the tourniquet be on the patient's arm? No longer than a minute
How many stool samples are needed for an O&P three fresh
Clumping together of cells or particles is known as: agglutination
A compound microscope is used to study all of these types of organisms except viruses
How much time should pass before a Westerngen ESR result is read? 1 hour
How would a patient be prepared for a 2 hr post prandial glucose test? Patient eats two hours prior to testing
The life stand of an RBC is 120 days
The liquid portion that remains after centrifuging a light blue top plasma
Liver disease will cause an increase the ________ count bilirubin
What is a human chorionic gonadotropin test for? pregnancy
Liver enzymes can easily be assessed through: blood testing
What is the best specimen to use when checking for a UTI mid stream clean catch
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are stored: where they are accessible to everyone
Nosocomial infections are: contacted in hospital setting
Normal urine output in an adult is: 600 - 2000 ml
Normal human body temperature 37C
Most hematology tests are performed on: whole blood
A packed RBC volume ratio is: hematocrit
A measure of the departure from accuracy is known as: bias
The medical term Leuk- white
If a patient goes into a convulsion after a venipuncture, call for help then: make sure patient is safe and doesn't hurt themselves
If a urine can not be tested within _________ it should be refrigerated one hour
The term Osteo means: bone
Microscope slides are placed on the Stage
The most common cause of leukocytosis is: a bacterial infection
The most common fungus seen in a doctors office is ringworm
The most commonly performed test for anticoagulation therapy is: prothrombin time
The most common metabolic disorder discovered by a urine dipstick is: diabetes
The most common test performed in the hematology department is: CBC- complete blood count
If patients have the same name, how would their flies be put in order numerically by their birthdate
If serum is pink it indicates hemolysis
If the laboratory receives a tube with no name, what is the proper procedure? discard it and ask for a redraw
In a normal distribution curve, more values are: close to the mean
The incubator temperature in the microbiology department should be: checked daily
Infectious hepatitis is caused by a: virus
Infectious mononucleosis is caused by: EBV epstein barr virus
Insufficient centrifugation while performing a microhematocrit will result in: a false increase in hematocrit value
In the clinical chemistry department, tests are performed on: auto analyzers
In the laboratory, the substance being measured is known as the: analyte
An invisible spray of liquid particles aerosol
Laboratory refrigerators should be kept at the following temperature: 1 to 6 Degree Celsius
What is the most commonly isolated pathogen found in wound infections Staphylococcus aureus
Patients with uncontrolled diabetes will have abnormal results in the following urine parameter(s): glucose and ketones
A patient with an allergic reaction will have an increased number of these types of cells: EOSINOPHILS
A persistent infection with symptoms that come and go: latent infection
A positive leukocyte esterase result in a urine sample indicates: white blood cells
TB is caused by: bacteria
A sudden change in the mean that becomes continuous is known as: a shift
The study of fungi mycology
Sputum should be collected from what area of the respiratory tract? lungs
A spinal tap is also known as a lumbar puncture
A specimen that is divided into two parts and analyzed in two different laboratories to check for accuracy is: split specimen
Smallpox is caused by: various major
Specimens used to test the accuracy of urinalysis procedures, reagents, and equipment are: urine controls
A positive nitrate result in a urine sample indicates bacteria
The term card means heart
PPE includes goggles, gloves, coats
The term for increased white blood cell count is: leukocytosis
The prefix hyper means excessive
the prefix that means 1/10 deci
A __________ test determines how much of a substance is present quantitative
A test kit that should be stored at 15-25 degree C is stored where? store room shelf
Privileged communication is the legal term that refers to confidential information obtained in a patient/physician relationship
The process by which a cell engulfs a foreign material such as a bacteria or virus is known as: phagocytosis
The protein found in RBC's that carry oxygen hemoglobin
Protein in the urine indicates kidney disease
A test used to detect the presence of inflammation CRP - C Reactive Protein
Quality control is plotted on a Levey Jennings chart
The rapid plasma reagin (RPR) test is most commonly used to detect an STD
A rapid strep kit tests for group A streptococci
The ratio of the volume of RBC to the total volume of blood is known as: hematocrit
Removal of tissue from the body for pathological examination is called biopsy
Results when using the N-Multistix 10SG take less than 2 minutes
Semen samples must be reviewed microscopically ASAP because decreased motility over time
Serum is separated from the cells as soon as passible to prevent hemolysis
Trichomonas vanginalis is a protozoa
Two or more organisms living together symbiosis
An upper GI series requires the patient to drink barium
Throat swab samples can be used only once
A timed specimen is required for peak theophylline level
Transferring a patient specimen to a culture plate inoculation
A urine test that indicates bacteria in the intestinal tract urobilinogen
The value of QC material provided by the manufacturer is known as target value
Urine pregnancy tests detect HCG - Human chorionic gonadotropin
There ia a pathological condition in which system if a patient has the following urine result? Leuk: Positive pH: 6.5 Pro: trace WBC: 15-20 Bact: positive Nitarite: positive genitourinary
To protect confidentiality, what question should a health care worker ask themselves before looking at a patient's medical information? Do I need to know this
A urine sample can be refrigerated for up to ________ and must be allowed to warm to room temperature prior to testing 4 hours
The value of the normal control for potassium is 3.2mEq/L. If 1 standard deviation (SD) is +/- 0.2 which of the following value is out of range? 4.1 mEq/L
The variation from the mean of a sample is the coefficient of variation
What is not a physical property of urine? glucose level
What color tube is a PT collected in? light blue
What color tube is used to perform a CBC? lavender
What cells produce antibodies? B- lymphocytes
What cells are involved in hemostasis platelets
What causes an ammonia smell in urine excessive bacteria
What carries oxygen away from the heart arteries
What additive is in a green top tube heparin
What acts as a decolorizer in the gram stain procedure alcohol / acetone
What is produced by the breakdown of hemoglobin bilirubin
What is the blood tube of choice for the hematology department lavender EDTA
What is the coefficient of variation used to determine precision
What is the correct order of steps when performing a microscopic urine? centrifuge, place one drop on slide, use low power, record results
What is the highest percentage of WBC's in a peripheral smears? neutrophils
What is the main function of white blood cells? protection from infection
What department studies blood cells in the bone marrow? hematology
What is the major Hub found in the RBC's of patients with sickle cell anemia Hgb S
What does an elevated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) indicate inflammation
What does the term syncope mean fainting
What does Universal precautions mean to a healthcare worker to treat everything as contaminated
What is the major type of WBC seen in the peripheral smear of a patient with aplastic anemia lymphocyte
What is the minimum number of values that must be obtained before calculating standard deviation 20
What indicates a UTI in a clean catch mid-stream urine 100,000 colonies/ml
What indicates bacteria in the urinary tract nitrites
What is the most important factor in controlling the spread of disease hand washing
What information must always be clearly noted in a prominent area of a patients file, such as the front cover or immediately inside the cover any known allergies
What is the name of the muscle of the chest pectoralis major
What is the normal pH of urine 4.5 to 8.0
What is the normal range for urine specific gravity 1.010 to 1.025
What is a carcinogen cancer causing agent
What is a contact transmission hazard needles, contaminated hands
What is added to a urine specimen to prevent breakdown before testing preservative
What is an example of a physical hazard broken glass
What is a patient's most common mistake while collecting a 24hr urine sample not collecting all the urine
What is a urinary tract prefix ren
What is it called to be free from infectious organisms aseptic
What is the normal WBC differential lymphocyte percentage in the adult population 20% - 44%
What is the number one STD in the US? trichomoniasis
What is the oxygen carrying component of red blood cells hemoglobin
What is the path of urine through the urinary system kidney, ureters, bladder, urethra
What is the preferred specimen for a differential EDTA
What is the primary function of the RBC's carry oxygen
What is the proper way to carry a microscope one hand on base, one hand on arm
What is the purpose of a stain enhance visibility of formed elements
What is the purpose of the ICD 10 CM codes to describe the patient's diagnosis
What is the total magnification of a microscope with a 10x eyepiece and a 40x objective 400
What is the vein most commonly used for venipuncture median cubital
What is used to calibrate instruments standards
What laboratory findings is seen in a patient with appendicitis elevated WBC count
What microscope objective is used for initial focusing coarse adjustment using a low power objective
What mineral is essential for hemoglobin production iron
What objective is used to read a gram stain 100x - oil immersion
What organism is the smallest virus
What organ is responsible for the production of urine kidney
What parts of the microscopic affect the amount of light through the specimen diaphragm, condenser
What patient filing system provides for the greatest degree of patient confidentiality numeric by medical record number
What percent of blood are RBC's in an average adult 40% to 45%
What reagent is part of the gram stain crystal violet
What results from leaving a tourniquet on too long hemoconcentration, falsely elevated potassium
What should a healthcare worker do if they come across an open shredding bin full of papers revealing patient names, addresses and diagnosis close the bin and report it to a supervisor
When is it acceptable to share your computer login identification and/or password never
When diluting an acid slowly pour acid into a base
What will not protect against HIV recapping needles
What test is done when electrolytes are ordered k+ Cl- an dNa++
What should a phlebotomist do with a patient that is difficult stick? try twice then ask for help
What should happen to a specimen that is not labeled ask for a new specimen
What stain is used on a peripheral blood smear to differentiate the cells Wright's stain
What substance is released with cell damage electrolytes
What tests for dehydration and cell starvation in urine ketones
What tube can stabilize glucose for up to 3 days gray, sodium fluoride
What type of bacteria is spherical cocci
What type of cell will be increased in cases of mononucleosis (mono) atypical lymphocytes
What type of laboratory must perform proficiency testing moderate complexity laboratories
What virus causes mononucleosis epstein barr virus
What will happen to the WBC count in a patient with acute appendicitis it will be elevated
When a practitioner orders an unusual test, the best way of ensuring a good specimen is to review the collection guidelines provided by the reference laboratory
When blood is allowed to coagulate the liquid portion is known as serum
When choosing a CPT code for a laboratory test, which is most appropriate choose the specific analyte code, if available
Which organ produces insulin pancreas
Which one of the following is the urine specimen of choice for bacteriological examination clean catch, mid stream
Which of the following tests would be used as an aid in the detection of cancer of the prostate PSA
Which of the following tests are used to detect gout uric acid
Reticulocytes are run in what department hematology
Which of the following is not a type of white blood cell platelet
Who can give consent for treatment if the patient is a married minor the patient themselves
Which WBC produces antibodies lymphocytes
Which urine test measures the glomerular filtration rate- the amount of blood filtered by the kidneys creatinine clearance
What type of blood test is done using an artery ABG Arterial blood gas
Which department has a special patient identification system blood bank/ transfusion services
Which department performs an ESR- Wintrobe method hematology
Which of the following is not a protein found in urine urobilinogen
Which of the following cells are phagocytic neutrophils and monocytes
What are the parts of a routine urinalysis physical, chemical, microscopic
Which of the following analyses would be most affected by a hemolyzed specimen K+
Where should a phlebotomist perform a baby heel stick on either side of the heel on the bottom of the foot
Where should a fingerstick be performed on the 2nd or 3rd finger
When using test kits, the clinical laboratory assistant should never mix lot numbers
When using an automated cell counter, the most frequent cause of erroneous test results is: improper mixing during collection
When the control values on a distribution curve are close to the mean value, but deviate a small amount on either side of the mean from day to day it is known as: normal distribution
Which part of the name Mr. Charles D. Anderson-Jones would be used to alphabetize the patient chart? by Anderson
Which phagocytic cell produce lysozymes? neutrophils
Which poses the greatest potential risk of damage to a computer's stored information downloading files from non- secure sources
Which power is used to perform a microscopic UA? 40x's low power
Which RBC disorder changes the hemoglobin molecule sickle cell anemia
Which term describes the top portion of a centrifuged specimen supernatant
Which test is performed in the hematology/coagulation department PT
Which tube is not centrifuged Lavender
What tube is a serum tube no additive Red Top
Which urine parameter measures the number of solutes in the urine specific gravity
Which urine parameter would be abnormal if a patient has chronic high blood pressure protein
Which urine parameter would be abnormal if there were bacteria present in the urine nitrates
Which urine parameter would be abnormal in a patient with uncontrolled diabetes ketones
Which urine parameter would be abnormal when a patient has been fasting ketones
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