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ASMT-First Aid

First Aid, CPR, and AED study tool

What is the Cardiac Chain of Survival? Recognition and access, bystander CPR, defibrillation, advanced care
With an adult you se collapse, start CPR as soon as you determine that the victim is not... breathing normally and responsive
What is one cycle of CPR? 30 chest compressions and 2 breaths
After using AED perform CPR for how long? 2 minutes (about 5 cycles)
Before giving CPR, check for breathing for how many seconds? 10
Where should you place your hands for chest compressions during CPR? On the breastbone midway between nipples
How deep should adult compressions be during CPR? 1 1/2-2 inches
How deep should infant/child compressions be during CPR? 1/2-1/3 the depth of the chest
How many compressions should be given per minute during CPR? 100
How old is considered an adult in CPR? 8+ years
What are your four goals when helping a victim? Keep the victim alive, prevent from getting worse, get medical attention, help promote recovery
What is the proper way to open the airway of a victim? tilt head, lift chin
When is it appropriate to use the recovery position? Victim is unresponsive and breathing
What does HAINES (recovery position) stand for? High,Arm,IN,Endangered,Spine
Where do you position your hands to give abdominal thrusts? Just above the navel
Shortness of breath, pale skin, sweating, nausea, light headedness, prisistan pain in neck, jaw, shoulders, arms, or chest...are signs of what? heart attack
What is the most effective way to stop bleeding from wound? direct pressure
How long should you run water over a deep wound to clean it? 5 min
Tender/swollen/bruised/hard abdomen, blood in vomit/urine, cool clammy skin...are signs of what? internal bleeding
What is the shock position? lying on back with feet eleVated
Anxiety, confusion, agitation, restlessness, dizziness, clammy skin, paleness, rapid/shallow breathing, thirst, nausea/vomiting,changing responsiveness...are signs of what? shock
What is the first thing you do for a serious burn? remove heat source
Why sould you not put water on a burn that covers half the body? can put victim in shock, or cause hypothermia
skin swollen and red, blisters, significant pain...is what kind of burn? second-degree burn
skin damage, charred skin, white leathery skin, signs of shock, not much pain...is what kind of burn? third-degree burn
How long should you rinse a chemical burn? 30 min
How long should you rinse the eyes if a chemical should get in them? 20 min
What should you do if a person has a spinal injury? have someone call 9-1-1, stabilize the victim's head and neck in the position found, monitor victim's breathing
What must you NOT do when controlling bleeding of a head wound? direct pressure
How should you control bleeding of head wound? cover with sterile dressing, apply pressure around edges of wound
What does RICE stand for? Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation
How long should ice be kept on a sprain or injury? 20 min on, 30 min off, repeat
Sudden headache, numbness of face or arm on one side, dizziness or confusion, difficulty speaking...are signs of what? stroke
What is the stroke position? lying on back with head and shoulders raised
Wheezing and difficulty breathing/speaking, dry persistant cough, fear, anxiety, gray-blue skin...are signs of what? asthma attack
What is the first important action to take when someone is having a seizure? remove any dangerous objects from area and put something soft under the head
What should you do if someone is experiencing a diabetic emergency? give them sugar (juice, glucose tablets, hard candy), call 9-1-1 if symptoms don't get better
When should you call 9-1-1 for fainting? victim faints multiple times or is pregnant
What should you do in a poisoning situation if the victim is responsive? call poison control
What should you do in a poisoning situation if the victim is unresponsive? call 9-1-1, put him in recovery position, monitor breathing and be prepared to give CPR
Lethargy, clumsiness, drowsiness, pale/cool skin, slow breathing, shivering may have stopped...are signs of what? hypothermia
How do you warm a victim with hypothermia? with blankets or clothing
Never warm a victim, who has hypothermia, with... hot water or heating pad
Flush skin/hot to touch, fast breathing...are signes of what? heatstroke
Created by: Lizziewiz