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Bible truth

First appearance of the devil Garden of Eden
Origin of the devil For l by him Jesus were all things created Colossians 1:16
Was created good The devil
Some names of the devil Satan / Beelzebub /prince of this world /serpent /adversary
Not the Devil’s name Lucifer
From the beginning Satan was A murder
Satan is the father of Lies
Came to Jesus in the wilderness The tempter
Steals the word for men’s hearts The devil
The devil seeks to devour men As a roaring lion
Tempted Eve to sin The devil
Satan tempted Cain to Kill his brother
The devil took away Job’s Wealth health and family
The devil tempted Jesus Three times 1. Turn to stone to Bread 2t. mp off the temple 3. Worship the devil
The devil entered Judas’s heart and He betrayed Jesus
Tempted Ananias and Sapphira to sin The devil
The Devil sowed The tares , children of the devil
First John 3:8 He that commits sin is of the devil
Satan deceives The whole world
Satan deceives by changing into An angel of light
Satan servants can appear as Servings of righteousness
Those that pervert the truth are Children of the devil
Do not give place to The devil
Resist the devil He will flee from you
Deliver to Satan A brother who will not repent
Had the power of death The devil
Ruined the devil Jesus
To be tormented day and night in hell forever The devil
Define Sin Disobeying God’s law
Whatsoever is not of faith is Sin
James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God resist the devil and he will flee from you
All unrighteousness is Sin
Satan temps Every man
Tempts no man God
Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God
All man have sinned except Jesus Christ
Children cannot inherit Sin from Their parents
In the way of the wicked Thorns and snares
When we commit sin we become Slaves of Sin
Sin causes one to sear you His conscience
Sin separates man from God
Those who practice Sin Cannot inherit the kingdom of God
Wages of sin Death
Disobedience brings just reward For every Sin
Brought death into this world Adam and eves Sin
Sinned by worshiping the wrong way Cain
Reason for the flood Every thought of man was evil
Sin Of Jacob Deceived his father
Sin of Nadab and abihu Offered strange fire
Perished in the wilderness because of unbelief 603,548 men of f-war
Sauls sin Did not destroy all of the Amalekites
Results of Jezebel Sin Eaten by dogs
Young men who mocked Eaten by bears
Sin Brought Leprosy to Ghazi and his seed for ever
Hanged for his sins Haman
Sin of Ananias and saphira Lying
Simon the sorcerer’s sin Tried to buy the apostles power
Results of Herod's Sin He was eaten by worms
The love of money caused Felix to Delay obedience
Kinds of Sin Secret / Presumptuous / Willful / Open
Keys to overcoming Sin Know the Bible and Apply it / Restrain the tongue / Avoid evil companions / resist the devil / prayer
God's plan of salvation Belief / repentance / confession /baptism/ faithful living
Define Sing of fornication unlawful sex
Define Sin of wickedness Given over to lawlessness
Define sin of covetousness A Greedy desire to have more
Define sin of maliciousness Vicious desire to harm others
define sin of envy ill will toward others success
define sin of murder to unlawfully kill another
define sin of strife A quarreler
define sin of deceit false impression
define sin of malignity to think the worst of others
define sin of whispers secret slander
define sin of backbiting speaking evil of another
define sin of haters of God to detest God
define sin of being despiteful Grossly disrespectful
define sin of pride conceit
define sin of boasting to brag
define sin of inventing evil things to develop new ways of sinning
Created by: Sam.english



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