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Phlebotomy Pre-Test

The suffix meaning blood -globin
The literal meaning of the word "hemolysis" is... blood breaking down
PT is the lab abbreviation for which test Prothrombintime
When a patient's arm is swollen with excess fluids, this is called... edema
The patient you are preparing to draw blood from has three good veins in the antecubital area. Which vein is the best to use? median cubital
The liquid portion of an anticoagulated blood specimen is called... plasma
What is a nosocomial infection? An infection acquired in the healthcare facility
What is the name of the equipment used to separate plasma or serum from red blood cells? Centrifuge
Needles are color-coded to indicate their gauge
According to CLSI standards, what is the maximum recommended depth for heel puncture? 2.0 mm
Which color tube stopper indicates a blood collection tube containing sodium heparin? green
What piece of equipment is not part of the evacuated blood collection system? syringe
What is not a restriction for a patient having a glucose tolerance test? drinking water
When a lipid panel is ordered, the patient should be fasting for at least 12 hours with water allowed
What is the key principle of Universal Precautions The blood and body fluids of all individuals are considered potentially infectious
In the healthcare setting, HBC, HCV, and HIV can be transmitted by... -sharps injuries -splash of blood/body fluids to the mucous membranes -touching non-intact skin without latex/vinyl gloves
Needlestick injuries can be prevented by using safe needle devices and following the instructions for proper use
When should sharps containers be closed, sealed, and made ready for disposal? when the container is 3/4 full
You receive an accidental needlestick injury. When do you report this injury? Immediately
Antisepsis is a technique used on skin
It is unacceptable to use an alcohol-based hand rub before eating
The transmission based isolation category Airborne Precautions is used when a patient is known or suspected to have Tuberculosis
Which bloodborne disease is most likely to be transmitted by needlestick in the United States? Hepatitis C
The term "preanalytical" in phlebotomy means... variables affecting the specimen before testing
A patient experiences severe shooting pains in his/her arm when you are drawing blood from the basilic vein. What has most likely happened? The median nerve has been punctured or nicked
What is the most likely reason that the specimen is clotted? You did not mix the blood and anticoagulant in the tube sufficiently
A patient had a mastectomy on the right side five years ago. What do you do to obtain the blood specimens? Use the left side as blood is never collected from the side with a mastectomy
You are drawing blood from an outpatient who begins to feel faint. What is the first thing that you do? Remove the needle and lower the patient's head between their legs
Hemoconcentration may be caused by prolonged application of the tourniquet
The primary cause of a collapsed vein during venipuncture is blood is withdrawn too quickly/forcefully
What could result in a hemolyzed blood specimen? Mixing the blood with the additive/anticoagulant by shaking
What should you do if there is blood on the outside of the tube you have just filled with blood? Wipe the outside of the tube with disinfectant
What is NOT a competency for a phlebotomist? Operates a hematology blood analyzer
Considering patient safety, what is the most dangerous phlebotomy practice? Labeling the collection tubes before collection
Per CLSI, the number of unsuccessful venipuncture attempts by an individual phlebotomist should be... no more than two
A patient refused to have his blood drawn. With the help of two other phlebotomists to restrain the patient, you draw his blood. This is an example of An assault and battery
According to the standards of good practice and patient identification, at which precise point should a specimen labeling always occur? before the phlebotomist leaves the patient's side
The first drop of blood that forms following a skin puncture should be wiped away
Which of the following organizations requires employees to be assessed for competency The Joint Commission
You need to draw blood on Fred Jones in Room 303. How do you verify that the patient is the correct Fred Jones? Ask him to state his name and date of birth, and match it to the requisition
You need to collect 5 mL of blood on an 18 month old. Which vein is recommended for use? Dorsal hand
Cleansing the skin with Betadine for a skin puncture may interfere with the analysis of... bilirubin
When preforming a microcollection procedure, the best way to increase blood flow is to... pre-warm the site
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