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Ear medical terminology

audi/o hearing
aur/i ear
aur/o ear
ot/o ear
cochle/o cochlea
labyrinth/o labyrinth (inner ear)
mastoid/o mastoid bone
myring/o tympanic membrane
staped/o stapes
tympan/o tympanic membrane, middle ear
vestibul/o vestibule
labyrinthitis inflammation of the labyrinth
Vestibular neuritis another name for inflammation of the labyrinth
mastoiditis inflammation of the mastoid bone
myringitis inflammation of the tympanic membrane
otalgia pain in the ear (earache)
otomastoiditis inflammation of the ear and mastoid bone
otomycosis abnormal condition of fungus in the ear
otopyorrhea discharge of pus from the ear
otorrhea discharge from the ear
otosclerosis hardening of the ear
tympanitis inflammation of the middle ear
acoustic neuroma benign tumor within the auditory canal growing from the acoustic nerve
ceruminoma tumor of a gland that secretes earwax
cholesteatoma cystlike mass composed of epithelial cells and cholesterol occurring in the middle ear
Meniere Disease chronic disorder of the inner ear characterized by dizziness, ringing in the ear, and hearing loss
otitis externa inflammation of the outer ear
otitis media inflammation of the middle ear
presbycusis hearing impairment in old age
tinnitus ringing in the ears
vertigo a sense that either one's own body or the environment is revolvingl may indicate inner ear disease
cochlear implant surgically inserted prosthetic device that uses electrical currents to stimulate the auditory nerve and provide hearing
labyrinthectomy excision of the labyrinth
mastoidectomy excision of the mastoid bone
mastoidotomy incision into the mastoid bone
myringoplasty surgical repair of the tympanic membrane
myringotomy incision into the tympanic membrane
stapedectomy excision of the stapes
tympanoplasty surgical repair of the middle ear
audiogram (graphic) record of hearing
audiometer instrument used to measure hearing
otoscope instrument used for visual examination of the ear
otoscopy visual examination of the ear
tympanometer instrument used to measure middle ear
tympanometry measurement of movement of the tympanic membrane
audiologist one who studies and specializes in hearing
aural pertaining to the ear
audiology the study of hearing
otology the study of the ear
otologist physician who studies and treats diseases of the ear
otorhinolaryngologist physician who studies and treats diseases of the ear, nose, and throat (also called otolaryngologist)
AOM acute otitis media
EENT eyes, ear, nose, & throat
ENT ear, nose, throat
OM otitis media
Created by: Kandi4u_2009