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Chapter 6

Acquiring Medical Language 2nd Edition

ocul/o, ophthalm/o, opt/o eye
lacrim/o, dacry/o tear
-opia, -opsia vision condition
blephar/o eyelid
corne/o, kerat/o cornea
conjunctiv/o conjunctiva
scler/o sclera (the white of the eye)
vitre/o vitreous liquid (also called vitreous humor)
cycl/o ciliary body
retin/o retina
ir/o, irid/o iris
phac/o, phak/o lens
aur/o, ot/o ear
acous/o, audi/o sound, hearing
-acusis hearing condition
cerumin/o ear wax
salping/o eustachian tube
tympan/o, myring/o eardrum
mastoid/o mastoid process
labyrinth/o labyrinth
vestibul/o vestibule
cochle/o cochlea
akinetopsia uh-KEE-nah-TOP-see-ah inability to see objects in motion
ambiopia AM-bee-OH-pee-ah double vision
amblyopia AM-blih-OH-pee-ah decreased vision; when it occurs in one eye, it is referred to as lazy eye
asthenopia AS-then-OH-pee-ah weak vision
diplopia dih-PLOH-pee-ah double vision
hemianopsia HEH-mee-an-OP-see-ah blindness in half the visual field
hyperopia HAI-per-OH-pee-ah farsightedness
myopia mai-OH-pee-ah nearsightedness
presbyopia PREZ-bee-OH-pee-ah decreased vision caused by old age
scotopia skaw-TOH-pee-ah adjustment of the eye to seeing in darkness
blepharoplegia BLEF-ah-roh-PLEE-jah paralysis of the eyelid
blepharospasm BLEF-ah-roh-SPAZ-um involuntary contraction of an eyelid
dacryoadenalgia DAK-ree-oh-AD-en-AL-jah pain in the tear gland
dacryocystalgia DAK-ree-oh-sis-TAL-jah pain in the tear sac
dacryohemorrhea DAK-ree-oh-HIM-oh-REE-ah blood in the tears
dacryorrhea DAK-ree-oh-REE-ah excessive tearing
ophthalmalgia awf-thal-MAL-jah eye pain
ophthalmoplegia awf-THAL-moh-PLEE-jah eye paralysis
xerophthalmia ZER-off-THAL-mee-ah dry eyes
astigmatism ah-STIG-mah-TIZ-um vision problem caused by the fact that light rays entering the eye aren’t focused on a single point in the back of the eye
corneal xerosis KOR-nee-al ZER-oh-sis dryness of the cornea
keratalgia KEH-rah-TAL-jah pain in the cornea
cycloplegia SAI-kloh-PLEE-jah paralysis of the ciliary body
iridalgia IH-rid-AL-jah pain in the iris
miosis mai-OH-sis abnormal contraction of the pupil
mydriasis mi-DRAI-ah-sis abnormal dilation of pupil
scotoma skaw-TOH-mah dark spot in the visual field
hyperacusis HAI-per-ah-KOO-sis excessively sensitive hearing
hypoacusis HAI-poh-ah-KOO-sis excessively insensitive hearing
osteoacusis AW-stee-oh-ah-KOO-sis hearing through bone
presbycusis PREZ-bih-KOO-sis loss of hearing in old age
mastoidalgia MAS-toid-AL-jah pain in the mastoid
otalgia oh-TAL-jah ear pain
otodynia OH-toh-DAI-nee-ah ear pain
otorrhea OH-toh-REE-ah discharge from the ear
tinnitus tih-NAI-tis ringing in the ears
vertigo VER-tih-goh sensation of moving through space (while stationary)
ophthalmoscope awf-THAL-mah-SKOHP instrument for looking at the eye
optomyometer AWP-toh-MAI-oh-MEE-tir device used to determine the strength of eye muscles
phacoscope FAY-koh-SKOHP instrument for looking at the lens
retinoscope RET-in-aw-SKOP instrument for looking at the retina
retinoscopy RET-in-AWS-koh-pee procedure for looking at the retina
tonometer TOH-naw-MEE-tir instrument for measuring tension or pressure in the eye
binocular bai-NAW-kyoo-lar pertaining to both eyes
iridokinesis IR-ih-doh-kin-EE-sis the movement of the iris
lacrimation LAH-krih-MAY-shun formation of tears
nasolacrimal NAY-zoh-LAH-krih-mal pertaining to the nose and tear system
ophthalmic awf-THAL-mik pertaining to the eye
ophthalmologist AWF-thal-MAW-loh-jist eye specialist
optic AWP-tik pertaining to the eye
optokinetic AWP-toh-kih-NEH-tik pertaining to eye movement
optometrist awp-TAW-meh-trist specialist in measuring the eye
retinal REH-tih-nal pertaining to the retina
blepharedema BLEF-ar-eh-DEE-mah eyelid swelling
blepharoptosis BLEF-ar-awp-TOH-sis drooping eyelid
blepharopyorrhea BLEF-ah-roh-PAI-oh-REE-ah discharge of pus from the eyelid
dacryolith DAK-ree-oh-lith hard formation (stone) in the tear system
dacryopyorrhea DAK-ree-oh-pai-REE-ah discharge of pus in tears
ectropion ek-TROH-pee-on outward turning of the eyelid, away from the eye
entropion en-TROH-pee-on inward turning of the eyelid, toward the eye
exophthalmus EKS-of-THAL-mus protrusion of the eyes out of the eye socket
nystagmus nih-STAG-mus involuntary back-and-forth movement of the eyes
strabismus struh-BIZ-mus condition where the eyes deviate when looking at the same object
esotropia AY-soh-TROH-pee-ah inward turning of the eye, toward the nose
exotropia EK-soh-TROH-pee-ah outward turning of the eye, away from the nose
keratomalacia ker-AH-toh-mah-LAY-shah abnormal softening of the cornea
pterygium ter-IH-jee-um winglike growth of conjunctival tissue extending to the cornea
scleromalacia SKLEH-roh-mah-LAY-shah abnormal softening of the sclera
papilledema PAH-pil-ah-DEE-mah swelling of the optic nerve where it enters the retina
phacomalacia FAH-koh-mah-LAY-shah abnormal softening of the lens
phacosclerosis FAH-koh-skleh-ROH-sis abnormal hardening of the lens
audiogram AW-dee-oh-GRAM record produced by an audiometer
audiometer aw-dee-AW-meh-ter instrument for measuring hearing
audiometry aw-dee-AW-meh-tree procedure for measuring hearing
otoscope OH-toh-SKOHP instrument for looking in the ear
otoscopy oh-TAW-skoh-pee procedure for examining the ear
pneumatic otoscopy noo-MA-tik oh-TAW-skoh-pee procedure for examining the ear using air
salpingoscope sal-PING-goh-skohp instrument for examining the eustachian tubes
tympanometry tim-pan-AW-meh-tree procedure for measuring the eardrum
audiologist aw-dee-AW-loh-jist hearing specialist
aural AW-ral pertaining to the ear
otolaryngologist OH-toh-LAH-rin-GAW-loh-jist specialist in the ear and throat
otoneurologist OH-toh-nih-RAW-loh-jist specialist in the nerve connections between the ear and brain
otorhinolaryngologist OH-toh-RAI-noh-LAH-rin-GAW-loh-jist specialist in the ear, nose, and throat
otosteal oh-TAWS-tee-all pertaining to the bones of the ear
salpingopharyngeal sal-PING-goh-fah-RIN-jee-al pertaining to the eustachian tubes and the throat
ceruminoma seh-ROO-min-OH-mah benign tumor of the cerumen-secreting glands of the ear
ceruminosis seh-ROO-min-OH-sis excessive formation of ear wax
macrotia mah-KROH-shee-ah abnormally large ears
microtia mai-KROH-shee-ah abnormally small ears
otopyorrhea OH-toh-PAI-oh-REE-ah discharge of pus from the ears
otosclerosis OH-toh-skleh-ROH-sis hearing loss caused by the hardening of the bones of the middle ear
tympanic perforation tim-PAN-ik per-fer-AY-shun tear or hole in the eardrum
tympanosclerosis tim-PAN-oh-skleh-ROH-sis hardening of the eardrum
TM tympanic membrane
OM otitis media
ENT ear, nose, and throat
EENT eye, ear, nose, and throat
AU both ears
AS left ear
AOM acute otitis media
AD right ear
OU both eyes
OS left eye
OD right eye
ARMD age-related macular degeneration
HEENT head, eyes, ears, nose, and throat
IOL intraocular lens
IOP intraocular pressure
LASIK laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis
PERRLA pupils are equal, round, and reactive to light and accommodation
blepharitis BLEF-ah-RAI-tis eyelid inflammation
blepharoconjunctivitis BLEF-ah-roh-con-JUNK-tih-VAI-tis inflammation of the eyelid and conjunctiva
dacryocystitis DAK-ree-oh-sis-TAI-tis inflammation of the tear sac
dacryoadenitis DAK-ree-oh-AD-en-AI-tis inflammation of the tear gland
dacryohemorrhea DAK-ree-oh-HEH-moh-REE-ah discharge of blood in tears
dacryolithiasis DAK-ree-oh-lih-THAI-ah-sis presence of hard formations (stones) in the tear system
dacryostenosis DAK-ree-oh-steh-NOH-sis narrowing of the tear duct
glaucoma glaw-KOH-mah eye disease that causes vision loss by damaging the optic nerve
oculomycosis AW-kyoo-loh-mai-KOH-sis fungal eye condition
oculopathy AW-kyoo-LAW-pah-thee eye disease
ophthalmatrophy AWF-thal-MAW-troh-fee atrophy (wasting away) of the eye
ophthalmitis AWF-thal-MAI-tis inflammation of the eye
ophthalmomycosis awf-THAL-moh-mai-KOH-sis fungal eye condition
ophthalmomyitis awf-THAL-moh-mai-AI-tis inflammation of the eye muscles
ophthalmopathy AWF-thal-MOH-pah-thee eye disease
trichiasis trih-KAI-ah-sis condition caused by eyelashes growing backward and coming in contact with the eye
conjunctivitis con-JUNK-tih-VAI-tis inflammation of the conjunctiva (also known as pink eye)
keratitis KEH-rah-TAI-tis inflammation of the cornea
keratopathy KEH-rah-TOP-ah-thee disease of the cornea
sclerectasia SKLER-ek-TAY-zhah overexpansion of the sclera
scleroiritis SKLER-oh-ai-RAI-tis inflammation of the sclera and iris
sclerokeratitis SKLER-oh-KEH-rah-TAI-tis inflammation of the sclera and cornea
sclerokeratoiritis SKLER-oh-KEH-ra-toh-ai-RAI-tis inflammation of the sclera, cornea, and iris
aniridia AN-ih-RIH-dee-ah absence of an iris
aphakia ah-FAY-kee-ia absence of a lens
cataract KAT-ah-RAKT opacity (cloudiness) of the lens of the eye
corneal abrasion KOR-nee-al a-BRAY-zhun scratch on the cornea
cyclokeratitis SAI-cloh-keh-rah-TAI-tis inflammation of the ciliary body and cornea
endophthalmitis EN-dof-thal-MAI-tis inflammation of the inside of the eye
iridemia EAR-ih-DEE-mee-ah bleeding from the iris
iridocyclitis EAR-ih-doh-sai-KLAI-tis inflammation of the iris and ciliary body
iridokeratitis EAR-ih-doh-keh-rah-TAI-tis inflammation of the iris and cornea
iridopathy EAR-ih-DOP-ah-thee disease of the iris
iritis ai-RAI-tis inflammation of the iris
optic neuritis OP-tik nir-AI-tis inflammation of the optic nerve
phakitis fah-KAI-tis inflammation of the lens
retinitis REH-tih-NAI-tis inflammation of the retina
retinopathy REH-tih-NOP-ah-thee disease of the retina
retinosis REH-tih-NOH-sis retinal condition
cerumen impaction SEH-roo-men im-PAK-shun buildup of ear wax blocking ear canal
mastoiditis MAS-toi-DAI-tis inflammation of the mastoid
otitis externa oh-TAI-tis eks-TERN-nah inflammation of the outer ear
otomycosis oh-toh-mai-KOH-sis fungal ear condition
aerotitis AIR-oh-TAI-tis inflammation of the ear caused by air
conductive hearing loss con-DUK-tiv hearing loss caused by sound not getting to the middle/inner ear (due to blockages)
myringitis MIR-in-JAI-tis inflammation of the eardrum
myringodermatitis mir-IN-goh-DER-mah-TAI-tis inflammation of the eardrum and surrounding skin
myringomycosis mih-IN-goh-mai-KOH-sis fungal condition of the eardrum
otitis media oh-TAI-tis MEH-dee-ah inflammation of the middle ear
otosclerosis oh-toh-skleh-ROH-sis hearing loss caused by the hardening of the bones of the middle ear
rhinosalpingitis RAI-noh-SAL-pin-JAI-tis inflammation of the nose and eustachian tubes
acoustic neuroma ah-KOO-stik nir-OH-mah tumor on the acoustic nerve
cochleitis KOH-klee-AI-tis inflammation of the cochlea
labyrinthitis LAB-uh-rinth-AI-tis inflammation of the labyrinth
sensorineural hearing loss SEN-sor-ee-NIR-al hearing loss caused by sound not being transmitted from the inner ear to the brain (due to problems with the sensory organs or nerves)
vestibular neuritis ves-TIH-byoo-lar nir-AI-tis inflammation of the vestibular nerve
vestibulitis ves-TIH-byoo-LAI-tis inflammation of the vestibule
blepharoplasty BLEF-ah-roh-PLAS-tee surgical reconstruction of the eyelid
blepharotomy BLEF-ah-RAW-toh-mee incision into the eyelid
dacryoadenectomy DAK-ree-oh-AD-en-EK-toh-mee removal of the tear gland
dacryocystectomy DAK-ree-oh-sis-TEK-toh-mee removal of the tear sac
dacryocystorhinostomy DAK-ree-oh-SIS-toh-rai-NAWS-toh-mee creation of an opening between the tear sac and the nose
dacryocystotomy DAK-ree-oh-sis-TAWT-oh-mee incision into the tear sac
enucleation eh-NOO-clee-AY-shun removal of an eye
oculoplasty AW-kyoo-loh-PLAS-tee surgical reconstruction of the eye
ophthalmectomy AWF-thal-MEK-toh-mee removal of the eye
corneal transplant KOR-nee-al TRANZ-plant replacement of damaged cornea with donated tissue
keratoplasty ker-A-toh-PLAS-tee surgical reconstruction of the cornea
keratotomy KER-ah-TAW-toh-mee incision into the cornea
sclerotomy skler-AW-toh-mee incision into the sclera
cyclotomy sai-KLAW-toh-mee incision into the ciliary body
intraocular lens implant IN-trah-AW-kyoo-lar lenz IM-plant insertion of a new lens inside the eye
iridectomy EAR-id-EK-toh-mee removal of the iris
iridocyclectomy EAR-ih-doh-sai-KLEK-toh-mee removal of the iris and ciliary body
iridotomy EAR-id-AW-toh-mee incision into the iris
phacoemulsification FAY-koh-ee-MUL-sih-fih-KAY-shun fragmentation of an existing lens in order to remove and replace it
retinopexy reh-TIH-noh-PEK-see surgical fixation (reattachment) of a retina
retinotomy REH-tih-NAW-toh-mee incision into the retina
vitrectomy vih-TREK-toh-mee removal of the vitreous liquid from the eye
auditory prosthesis AW-dih-TOR-ee praws-THEE-sis hearing aid
ceruminolysis seh-ROO-min-AW-lih-sis breakdown of ear wax
ear lavage ee-ir lah-VAJ rinsing/washing the external ear canal
mastoidectomy MAS-toy-DEK-toh-mee removal of the mastoid
mastoidocentesis mas-TOY-doh-sin-TEE-sis puncture of the mastoid
otoplasty OH-toh-PLAS-tee surgical reconstruction of the ear
myringectomy MIR-in-JEK-toh-mee removal of the eardrum
myringoplasty mir-IN-goh-PLAS-tee surgical reconstruction of the eardrum
myringotomy mir-in-GAW-toh-mee incision into the eardrum
tympanocentesis tim-PAN-oh-sin-TEE-sis puncture of the eardrum
tympanolabyrinthopexy tim-PAN-oh-lah-buh-RINTH-oh-PEK-see surgical fixation of the eardrum to the labyrinth
tympanoplasty tim-PAN-oh-PLAS-tee surgical reconstruction of the eardrum
tympanostomy TIM-pan-AW-stoh-mee creation of an opening in the eardrum
cochlear implant KOH-klee-ar IM-plant electronic device that stimulates the cochlea; it can give a sense of sound to those who are profoundly deaf
labyrinthectomy LAB-uh-rinth-EK-toh-mee removal of the labyrinth
labyrinthotomy LAB-uh-rinth-AW-toh-mee incision into the labyrinth
vestibulotomy ves-TIH-byoo-LAW-toh-mee incision into the vestibule
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