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Advanced Med Term

urinary and male reproduction

dilation of renal pelvis pyelectasis
instrument for resection of the prostate gland thru the urethra resectoscope
calcinosis of the kidney nephrocalcinosis
bladder dysfunction from lesions of the nerves supplying the bladder neurogenic bladder
abnormal backward flow of urine from bladder to ureter vesicoureteral reflux
formation of fibrous cords on inner wall of bladder trabeculation of urinary bladder
chronically painful inflammatory bladder disease interstitial cystitis
ileum is connected to an abdominal stoma for urination ureteroilesotomy
shattering of renal calculi by shock waves extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy
renosonogram kidney ultrasound
absence or closure of the ureter openin atretic ureter
implanting a ureter into an isolated segment of the ileum that drains urine through an abdominal stoma ileal conduit
condylomata acuminata genital warts
condition of prostate that interferes with flow of urine from bladder prostatism
reimplanation of ureter into the bladder ureterocystostomy
malignant tumor that comprises about 90% of all bladder cancers transitional cell carcinoma
ulcerated lesion that forms a crust and heals chancre
a count of the sediment in urine collected over a 12 hour period Addis count
lab blood test that indicates renal failure if elevated creatinine
formation of an abnormal passageway between bladder to vagina vesicovaginal fistula
stone crushed in bladder with remnants removed litholapaxy
surgical excision of the kidney with ureter nephroureterectomy
lack of bladder strength atony of bladder
nuclear imaging test to detect areas of metastasis from a primary site of prostate cancer ProstaScint scan
x-ray of bladder cystography
peritoneal dialysis fluid pulls body waste dialysate fluid
measures concentration of urine - diagnoses dehydration specific gravity
a repidly developing tumor of the kidney that usually is found in children Wilms tumor
dialysis with introduction of a solution into peritoneum peritoneal dialysis
removal of diverticulum from the bladder bladder diverticulectomy
common cancer of testicle seminoma
a test of the amount of creatinine in blood creatinine clearance
continuing penile rection with pain and tenderness priapism
excision of prostate through perineal incision perineal prostatectomy
implantation of an inflatable penilee prosthesis penile implant
connection from one ureter to another ureter ureteroureterostomy
increased amounts of urea and nitrogen in blood uremia / azotemia
downward curvature of penis during an erection chordee
an instrument used to dilate the male urethra urethral bougie
a thin probe stylet
kidney stone anywhere in urinary tract calculus
benign congenital tumor of the testicle teratome
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