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Chapter 3

Acquiring Medical Language 2nd Edition

adip/o, lip/o, steat/o fat
cutane/o, derm/o, dermat/o skin
hidr/o sweat
squam/o scale
onych/o, ungu/o nail
seb/o, sebace/o oil
crypt/o hidden
kerat/o hard, horny
xer/o dry
xanth/o yellow
erythr/o red
leuk/o, alb/o white
melan/o black
abrasion uh-BRAY-zhun scraping AWAY of skin
albinism AL-bin-ism lack of pigment in skin causing patient to look WHITE
albino al-BAI-noh a person afflicted with albinism
alopecia a-loh-PEE-sha baldness
anhidrosis an-ih-DROH-sis lack of sweating
comedo koh-MEE-doh a hair follicle that is plugged with sebum (black head, white head)
cyanidrosis sai-yan-ih-DROH-sis blue sweat
depigmentation DE-pig-men-TAY-shun loss of pigmentation
dermatalgia der-mah-TAL-jah skin pain
dermatodynia der-MA-toh-DIH-nee-ah skin pain
dermatolysis der-mah-TAWL-ih-sis loose skin
erythema eh-rih-THEE-ma redness
erythroderma eh-RIH-throh-DER-ma red skin
hemathidrosis heh-mat-ih-DROH-sis sweating blood
hidropoiesis hih-droh-poh-EE-sis the formation of sweat
hyperhidrosis hai-per-hih-DROH-sis excessive sweating
hyperkerotosis hai-per-ker-ah-TOH-sis excessive growth of horny skin
hypermelanosis hai-per-mel-an-OH-sis excessive melanin in the skin
hyperpigmentation hai-per-pig-men-TAY-shun excessive pigment in the skin
hypohidrosis hai-poh-hih-DROH-sis diminished sweating
hypomelanosis hai-poh-mel-an-OH-sis diminished melanin in the skin
hypopigmentation hai-poh-pig-men-TAY-shun diminished pigment in the skin
leukoderma loo-koh-DER-mah white skin
macerate MAS-ir-ayt to soften the skin
onychophagia aw-nih-koh-FAY-jah eating or biting the nails
pruritus prur-AI-tis an itch
rhytidermia rih-tih-DER-mee-ah wrinkled skin
sebopoiesis see-boh-poh-EE-sis formation of oil (sebum)
seborrhea seh-boh-REE-ah discharge of oil (sebum)
trichomegaly tri-koh-MEG-ah-lee abnormally thick hair
urticaria ur-tih-KAR-ee-ah swollen raised itchy areas of the skin
xanthoderma zan-thoh-DER-mah yellow skin
xeroderma zeh-roh-DER-mah dry skin
xerosis ze-ROH-sis condition of dryness
macule, macula (freckle) MA-kyool, MAW-koo-lah small, flat, discolored area Flat, Nonpalpable
patch (vitiligo) pach (vih-tih-LAI-goh) larger, flat, discolored area Flat, Nonpalpable
papule PA-pyool a small solid mass Elevated, Palpable, Solid Mass
plaque PLAK a solid mass on the surface of the skin Elevated, Palpable, Solid Mass
nodule NAWD-jyool a solid mass that extends deeper into the skin Elevated, Palpable, Solid Mass
tumor TOO-mur a larger solid mass Elevated, Palpable, Solid Mass
vesicle VEH-sih-kul a smaller blister Elevated, Fluid-Filled
bulla BUL-lah Latin for bubble, larger vesicle Elevated, Fluid-Filled
pustule PUS-tyool a pus-filled blister Elevated, Fluid-Filled
abscess AB-ses a localized collection of pus in the body Elevated, Fluid-Filled
erosion ee-ROH-zhun loss of skin
ulcer UL-sir a sore
excoriation eks-kor-ee-A-shun a scratch
fissure FIH-zhur a crack in the skin
scale SKAYL skin flaking off
crust KRUST a dried substance (i.e., blood, pus) on the skin
vascular lesion VAS-kyoo-lar LEE-zhun wounds related to blood vessels
cherry angioma CHEH-ree an-gee-OH-mah a small blood vessel tumor
telangiectasia (spider angioma) tel-an-jee-ek-TAY-zhuh the over expansion of the end of a blood vessel; sometimes called a spider angioma because of how it looks on the skin
petechia puh-TEE-kee-yah a small bruise
ecchymosis eh-kih-MOH-sis a larger bruise
cicatrix (plural: cicatrices) SIK-ah-triks scar
keloid KEE-loid overgrowth of scar tissue
epidermal tumors eh-pi-DER-mal TOO-murs tumors on the skin
nevus NEE-vus mole
dysplastic nevus dis-PLAS-tic NEE-vus a mole with bad changes/formations
verruca vah-ROO-kah wart
culture and sensitivity (C&S) KUL-chur and sin-sih-TIV-ih-tee growing microorganisms in isolation in order to determine which drugs they might respond to
biopsy (Bx) BAI-op-see removal of tissue in order to examine it (with your own two eyes)
excisional biopsy ek-SIH-zhun-al removal of an entire lesion for examination (to cut it out)
incisional biopsy in-SIH-zhun-al removal of a portion of a lesion for examination (to cut into it)
dermatoscope dir-MA-toh-SKOHP instrument used to look at the skin
dermoscopy der-MAW-skoh-pee procedure for looking at the skin
adipocele a-dih-poh-SEEL a hernia filled with fatty tissue
dermatofibroma der-MA-toh-fai-BROH-mah a fibrous skin tumor
erythrocyanosis eh-RITH-roh-sai-an-OH-sis a red and/or blue discoloration of the skin
keratogenic keh-RAH-toh-jen-ik causing horny tissue development
keratosis KEH-rah-TOH-sis horny tissue condition
necrosis neh-KROH-sis tissue death
onychia oh-NIK-ee-ah a nail condition
onychocryptosis AW-nih-koh-krip-TOH-sis an ingrown nail
onycholysis AW-nih-KAWL-ih-sis the loss of a nail
onychomalacia AW-nih-koh-mah-LAY-shah abnormal softening of a nail
onychopathy aw-nik-AW-pah-thee nail disease
onychophagia aw-nih-koh-FAY-jah eating (biting) the nail
pachyderma pa-kih-DER-mah tough skin
paronychia par-aw-NIH-kee-ah a condition of the tissue around a nail
steatoma STAY-ah-TOH-ma a fatty tumor
xanthoma zan-THOH-mah a yellow tumor
decubitus ulcer deh-KYOO-bih-tus UL-sir bed sore
dermatosis der-mah-TOH-sis skin condition
dermopathy der-MAW-pa-thee skin disease
atopic dermatitis AY-taw-pik der-mah-TAI-tis a chronic dry inflammatory disease characterized by itching
hypertrichosis HAI-per-trih-KOH-sis excessive growth of hair
ichthyosis ik-thee-OH-sis a condition in the skin is dry and scaly resembling fish scales
postpartum alopecia post-PAR-tum al-oh-PEE-shah baldness experienced by women after a pregnancy
psoriasis tor-AI-ah-sis a skin condition characterized by patches of itchy, red, scaly skin
sclerodermatitis skleh-roh-der-mah-TAI-tis inflammation of the skin accompanied by thickening and hardening
scleronychia skleh-raw-NIH-kee-ah thickening and hardening of the nails
xanthosis zan-THOH-sis yellowing of the skin
actinic keratosis ak-TIN-ik keh-rah-TOH-sis horny skin condition caused by sun exposure
basal cell carcinoma BAY-zul sell kar-sih-NOH-mah cancerous tumor of basal skin cells
hidradenoma hih-drad-eh-NOH-mah tumor of the sweat gland
malignant cutaneous neoplasm mah-LIG-nant kuh-TAY-nee-us NEE-oh-plaz-um a harmful new formation of skin tissue
malignant melanoma ma-LIG-nant meh-lah-NOH-mah a harmful tumor of melanin cells
squamous cell carcinoma SKWAY-mus sell kar-sih-NO-mah cancerous tumor of squamous skin cells
acne vulgaris AK-nee vul-GAR-is inflammation of the skin follicles
dermatomycosis der-mah-toh-mai-KOH-sis a fungal skin condition
hidradenitis hih-dra-deh-NAI-tis inflammation of the sweat glands
impetigo im-peh-TAI-goh a highly contagious bacterial infection of the skin
mycodermatitis mai-koh-der-mah-TAI-tis inflammation of the skin caused by fungus
mycosis mai-KOH-sis a fungal condition
onychodystrophy AW-ni-koh-DIS-troh-fee poor nourishment (and development) of the nail
onychomycosis AW-nih-koh-mai-KOH-sis a fungal condition of the nail
tinea TIH-nee-ah a fungal condition often called "ringworm" due to its circular appearance
trichomycosis trik-koh-mai-KOH-sis a fungal condition of the hair
actinic dermatitis ak-TIN-ik der-mah-TAI-tis inflammation of the skin caused by sun exposure
dermatitis der-mah-TAI-tis inflammation of the skin
seborrheic dermatitis se-boh-RAY-ik der-mah-TAI-tis inflammation of the skin caused by the discharge of oil (sebum)
steatitis stay-ah-TAI-tis inflammation of fat tissue
first-degree burn first deh-GREE birn burn affecting only the epidermis or superficial layer of the skin
second-degree burn SEH-kund deh-GREE birn deeper burn affecting both the epidermis and dermis
third-degree burn third deh-GREE birn deep burn affecting the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layer
fourth-degree burn forth deh-GREE birn deep burn affecting not just all layers of the skin (epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layer) but also underlying tissues like muscle, fascia, or bone
anesthetic an-es-THET-ik a drug that temporarily blocks sensation
antibiotic an-tai-bai-OH-tk a drug that destroys or opposes growth of microorganisms
antihistamine an-tee-HIS-tah-meen a drug that opposes the effects of histamine
antipruritic an-tee-pruh-RIH-tik a drug that prevents or relieves itching
antiseptic an-tee-SEP-tik a drug that prevents sepsis (rotting of flesh) by killing microorganisms
epidermal eh-pih-DER-mal pertaining to the skin
hypodermic hai-poh-DER-mik pertaining to beneath the skin
intradermal in-tra-DER-mal pertaining to inside the skin
percutaneous per-kyoo-TAY-nee-us pertaining to through the skin
subcutaneous sub-kyoo-TAY-nee-us pertaining to beneath the skin
topical TAW-pih-cal applied directly to the skin
transdermal trans-DER-mal pertaining to through the skin
chemosurgery KEE-moh-SIR-juh-ree removal of tissue that has been destroyed using chemicals
chemotherapy KEE-moh-THEH-rah-pee treatment using chemicals
cryosurgery KRAI-oh-SIR-juh-ree destruction of tissue through freezing
dermabrasion der-mah-BRAY-zhun rubbing or scraping away the outer surface of skin
electrocauterization e-LEK-troh-KAW-ter-ai-ZAY-shun using electricity to destroy tissue by burning it
electrodesiccation e-LEK-troh-deh-sih-KAY-shun using electricity to destroy tissue by drying it
incision and drainage (I&D) in-SIH-zhun and DRAY-nij to cut into a wound to allow trapped infected liquid to drain
lipectomy lih-PEK-toh-mee removal of fatty tissue
liposuction LAI-poh-SUK-shun removal of fatty tissue using a vacuum
onychectomy aw-nik-EK-toh-mee remove of a nail
onychotomy aw-ni-KAW-toh-mee incision into a nail
rhytidoplasty rih-tih-doh-PLAS-tee reconstruction of wrinkled skin
autograft AW-toh-GRAFT skin transplant taken from a different place on the patient’s body
homograft (allograft) HOH-moh-GRAFT (A-loh-GRAFT) skin transplant taken from another member of the patient’s species (homo, because it is from a similar species, and allo, because it is from another person)
heterograft HEH-ter-oh-GRAFT skin transplant taken from a species other than the patient’s
xenograft ZEE-noh-graft skin transplant taken from a species other than the patient’s
ABCDE asymmetry, border, color, diameter, evolving
AK actinic keratosis
Bx biopsy
C&S culture and sensitivity
derm dermatology
ID intradermal
SC subcutaneous
SQ subcutaneous
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