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How industrialisation affected the textile industry and how it was done before

The domestic system: Where was the work done? At home or in a small workshop. High quality. Skilled. Slack as to when did the work.
The domestic system: How many people were making the cotton/products? 1 or 2 people.
The domestic system: What did the spinning wheel do? 1 person would spin the yarn into thread.
The domestic system: Which machine was used next? What did that do? Hand-Loom. That was used to make cloth from the thread.
The domestic system: Was it a fast or a slow system? Very slow because all the work was done by hand by 1 or 2 people.
The domestic system: Was it efficient by the end of the 1700s? No it wasn't as it wasn't meeting the increasing consumer demands due to the growing population and production wasn't keeping up with it.
The factory system: How were production methods changed to meet demands of the growing cotton market? The system was scrapped and the factory system was introduced for cotton production. Basically, people moved into the factories and worked with powered machinery. The new machines could produce much high quantities of wool quickly than doing it by hand.
The factory system: Where abouts in England were the factories built. In the north. This is because were more rivers that would be used to provide the factory machines as their power source.
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