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Causes of the Industrial Revolution in England

Enormous Expansion in Oversea Trade of Britain Enormous Expansion in Overseas Trade of Britain. Britain had a vast foreign colonial empire and forbid other powers like Spain and France from trading at their markets. Naturally a higher demand for British goods - used machinery to produce more.
Availability of capital England was making massive sums of money in the colonial trade so there was plenty to invest in new technology and machinery. Also had a large loan from the Bank of England.
Practical bent of mind of the English Researchers English scientists and Engineers made inventions to keep up with demands at the time. They focused on inventions that would have a practical use.
Large population Britain's population size was rapidly expanding and the current methods of production were not meeting consumer demands and it was thought that new devices which could do tasks faster should be used rather than hand methods. Used in textile industr
The availability of coal and iron mines close to each other Encouraged the English to improve the procedure of manufacturing coal and iron. Its known that the higher quantities of these things there were this helped new industries in England to grow.
The agriculture revolution This revolution had already happed in Britain and which transformed English society. Many labourers were available to work in the industrial centres.
Risk-taking Private Sector Rich businessman were prepared enough to risk investing in industrialisation.
Better means of transport Had a better transportation network than any of the other European countries at this time. Built canals and improved road networks to make the transportation of raw materials + products easier. The government spent a lot of money improving these.
Geographical location Being cut off from Europe meant that England could avoid war with Napoleon and other over seas conflicts. Also the conditions remained stable within the country. England could develop itself without fear of battle, damage or loss of life.
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