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Key events of the Civil War

Jan 1918 Red Army is established.
March 1918 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. First British troops land at Murmansk.
May 1918 Czech Legion rebels and captures a large section of the Trans-Siberian railway. Conscription to the Red Army introduced.
June 1918 Socialist Revolutionary government is established at Samara. Tsar and family are murdered.
August 1918 Americans arrive in northern Russia and in the east. British land at Archangel and establish an anti-Bolshevik government.
November 1918 Kolchak assumes control in Omsk.
December 1918 French land at Odessa.
February 1919 Denikin assumes supreme command in the south-east. Red Army occupies Kiev.
March 1919 Kolchak's forces cross the Urals but are repulsed by the Red Army.
April 1919 French evacuate Odessa.
June 1919 Denikin and southern army take Kharkov.
July 1919 Denikin advances from the Caucasus and captures Tsaritsyn. Loss of Kharkov and Tsaritsyn leads to criticism of Trotsky. He resigns but his resignation is refused.
September 1919 Allies evaluate Archangel.
October 1919 Denikin takes Orel but is forced back later in the month. Yudenich reaches the outskirts of Petrograd.
November 1919 Yudenich is defeated; Denikin is pushed back.
February 1920 Kolchak (captured in January) is executed by Bolsheviks. Red Army invades Georgia.
April 1920 Denikin, having been pursued to the Crimea, is succeeded by Wrangel.
May 1920 Polish army invades Russia and occupies Kiev.
July 1920 Tukhachevsky mounts Red Army counter-offensive against Poles.
August 1920 Red Army defeated by Poles outside Warsaw.
November 1920 Wrangel, last surviving White general, is defeated in the Crimea.
March 1921 Treaty of Riga: peace between Poland and Soviet Russia.
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