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Main White groups and leaders: The East

The Kumuch Set up June 8th 1918 after Czech Legion had occupied the city of Samara. Consisted of ex members of Constituent Assembly. Claimed to be the legit elected Gov of Russia. Supported by most Socialist Revolutionaries.
Who did the Kumuch join with? The government in Omsk to form the Provisional All-Russian Government.
The Provisional All-Russian Government (Omsk) landowners, factory owners and devout members of the Orthodox Church joined. Orthodox as objected to Bolshevik's atheism. Squabbles between the rightists and Socialist Revolutionaries. Nov 1918 SR ministers were arrested. Kolchak named Supreme ruler.
Did the SRs go against his campaign? Why? Yes because Kolchak had executed hundreds of SR members. They staged revolts against him.
Admiral Kolchak Used to be admiral in the Russian Navy (fought in 1904 Russo-Japanese War). Supported the Provisional Gov & worked closely with Socialist Revolutionaries in the Omsk Gov. Aim = remove Bolsheviks to get Russia back into WW1. Was Right Wing.
What did Kolchak get up to? Took control of the Omsk Gov in November 1918. Expelled Socialist Revolutionaries made it a military dictatorship. SRs captured him in Jan 1920 who was then handed to the Bolsheviks. They executed him in Feb 1920.
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