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Main White groups and leaders: The West

The Southern Volunteer Army Formed by General Alekseev and General Kornilov. Made up of volunteers. Included army officers, Kadets and liberals. Both Generals died in 1918 and General Denikin took over.
General Alekseev An army General in charge of South-Western front in WW1. Sent a telegram to Tsar advising him to step down during the Feb Revolution. bad relations between him and Kornilov threatened to destroy the movement. died of heart failure in December 1918.
General Kornilov Part of the Kornilov Affair in August 1917. Arrested but escaped from prison November 1917. Killed by a shell in April 1918.
General Denikin Army officer. Under the command of Kornilov. Imprisoned with Kornilov for role in Kornilov affair. Then escaped. Took over Southern Volunteer Army in February 1919.
General Yudenich Army officer. Went into hiding after the October Revolution. Escaped to Finland January 1919. There he joined the 'Russian Revolution' where he was proclaimed leader of the White movement in northwest Russia with absolute powers.
Who did Yudenich contact? Admiral Kolchak's All-Russian Government in Omsk. Acknowledged him as commander-in-chief of all Russian armed forces operating against the Bolsheviks.
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