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What impact did groups of workers have on th industrialisation of Russia?

Managers: Role To make sure that quotas set by the regional administrators were fulfilled. Had to make sure workers produced enough each day.
Managers: Problems they faced Concerned they wouldn't fulfil targets. Workers protested. Plus if they spent too much accused of 'wrecking' (industrial sabotage).
Managers: Pros Did have Stakhanovites who produced much more than the average labourer. Made it easier for managers to meet their targets.
Foreign expertise: Role To provide the expertise needed to build the huge projects such as the Moscow Metro. British engineers worked on it.
Foreign expertise: Problems they faced Worried that foreign expertise was actually native spies. E.g. the secret police arrested engineers on the Metro project because they had gained too much knowledge on its geographical layout.
Foreign expertise: Pros Made up some of the shortfall of unskilled Russian labour + boosted communism during Great Depression as people thought it was the future.
Women: Roles Worked in the lowest paid jobs doing textiles and cleaning in 1929. By 1935, 42% of industrial workers were women and had jobs in education, healthcare. Employed by managers to help fulfil quotas. 1926 training programs = women access better positions.
Women: Problems they faced Sexually harassed by males. No Zhenotdel = unable to fight for justice/equality. Paid much less than men.
The Stakhanovite movement: Role To extract more coal and resources than the average worker.
The Stakhanovite movement: Problems they faced Against socialist values because paid 200 rouples (1 months wage for everyone else). Competition on who could produce the most. Corruption because managers lied on how much they produced.
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