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Major projects built during industrialisation

The Dnieprostroi Hyroelectric Dam Built in Ukraine. Largest in area. 61m high and 800m in length. To create hydroelectric power to act as a propaganda piece for Stalin. Destroyed in WW2 so the Nazis couldn't cross and reach Leningrad. Still in operation now. Cost 120-200 million roubles.
The Moscow Metro First 13 stations opened to the public in 1935. had 11KM line now 381KM. Function = method of transport around Moscow. Propaganda piece. All stations beautifully decorated. Part of 2nd FYP. Effects are that people could easily migrate into city.
The Moscow-Volga Canal Built by 200K Gulag prisoners. Thousands died. Got food from dumps. Function = provide Moscow with fresh water. 128KM long. Gave access to the 5 seas - Baltic, Caspian, Azov, Black.
The Turksib Railway The line ran from Turkestan to Siberia. Completed 1930. Problems = paused for WW1. Many that came on site were illiterate. Materials delivered late. Not enough workers although had 50K. Function = propaganda. Benefit = Kazakhstan got Steel to develop it.
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