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Global final exam

How do historians create a record of a society? *They use a variety of evidence *Analyze primary documents *Compare society and regions.
What were some of the results of the Neolithic Revolution? *Domestication of animals for a stable food supply *Permanent Homes were established *Developement of religion and writing systems
What is considered a barrier between India and China that kept China isolated? The Himalaya Mountains
How did Aficans knowledge and skills to travel the Sahara Desert benifit them? Europeans had to rely on Africans to nivigate the desert and increased trade of salt for gold.
Where are the Andes Mountains and the Amazon River located? South America
What did the Code of Hamurabi, the Twelve Tables and the Justinian code all have in common? They were all written laws. Code of Hamurabi (Babylon), Twelve Tables (Rome), Justinian Code (Byzantine )
What is a society based on bartering for goods and services called? A traditional economy
What were some effects of the Roman Empire on Economic Developement? *stressed the importance of the individual *encouraged all citizens to participate in government *established direct democracy
What is a Democracy? Citzens have the power to elect officials and participate in government.
Define Culture? Everything that contributes to the developement of a society.
What was the sacred river in India? The Ganges
The great wall of China, the Colleseum in Rome and the Egyptian Pyramids are all examples of what? Advanced technology in early civilizations.
Define subsistent farming? Producing only enough food to supply your own family.
Everty year the Huang He river flooded and destroyed crops and villages so they named it this... the "River of Sorrows"
Why did independent city-states develope in Greece? The mountaneous terrain isolated the people from each other.
What was the sacred text for Islam? The Qur'an or koran
What geographic feature aided in the development of the Roman Empire? Italy is a peninsula which allowed Rome to control trade and travel on the Meditarranean Sea.
Where were early civiliazations built and why? They were built in river valleys because they provided food, water for crops, transportation and trade.
Who developed the five relationships, civil service exams, filial piety, and the Analects? Confucius
Monotheism means belief in one god. Which religions practice this belief? Islam, Judaism, and Chritianity
What do followers of Islam, Judaism and Christianity have in common. They all followed a code of behavior as stated in the Islam (Qur'an), Judaism (Torah), Chrisianity (Bible)
During the Middle Ages (Medieval Times) what provided unity and stability? The church.
What characteristics are representative of a Golden Age? A time of peace when advancements are made in technology, medicine, literature, science and art.
Like Greece, what geographic feature did Japan have? Irregular coastline
How was the bubonic plague spread throughout Europe, Asia and Africa? It was spread from rats on ships following trade routes
What is Bushido? Was acode of behavior Japanese warriors (samurai) followed.
Define Humanism? A Renaissance movement that emphsized independent thought and a renewed interest in Greek and Roman culture
What did and increase in trade and commerce lead to during Midieval Times. Development of towns and cities
The Justinian Code, The Hagia Sophia and the Hippodrome were all accomplishments of which period in history? The Byzantine Empire
The Mongols tolerance of the people's customs and religions that they conquered led to what? Cultural diffusion
What does Machiavelli's concept of " the end justifies the means" mean? That it doesn't matter how you gain it , as long as you establish and maintain power
What was one practice that Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton all shared. They practised observation and experimentation in thier work
Define manorialism. An economic system in Western Europe where Lords and peasants worked together to support one another on the manor.
Who were instrumental in ending religious unity in Europe? Martin Luther, John Calvin and Henry VIII were a few
The location of the Incan civilization in the Andes mountains shows... The ability of humans to adapt to their environment
What did the West African Empires trade? Salt for gold
What did Mansa Musa bring back from his pilgrimage to Mecca? Islamic learning and culture
Created by: Dcrawford