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Social StudiesTerms1

academic vocab for AP SS courses

egalitarian society in which all people are equal in status & rights
kinship a blood relationship (family)
patriarchy system of society in which men hold most or all of the power
elite the best of something or the upper or superior part of society
pastoral lifestyle of grazing livestock; related to spiritual guidance
stratified to arrange or classify (in society)
conduit a channel or method of transferring something
hinderance something that interferes with or delays action/progress
artisan worker in a skilled trade of making things by hand
textile a type of cloth or woven fabric
metallurgy the skill of making things with metals
bureaucracy the officials that run a state or organization
fertility being able to produce (soil) or reproduce (living organisms)
mobilized to prepare and organize; capable of movement
divine god or god-like; holy
surplus having extra beyond what is needed
monumental of great importance or size
urban city-based
monotheism belief in one god
diffuse to spread out beyond the origin
razed to tear down or destroy
reinforced to strengthen or support by adding to
diaspora the dispersion of people from their homelands
veneration having great respect or reverence for (parents; elders, leaders)
piety the quality of being religious or reverent
divergent to be different or developing differently
silt fine sand and clay that is deposited by river flooding
exploit to take advantage of another's weakness
diplomacy the art of dealing with people or countries in a sensitive and effective way
pathogen a virus or bacteria that can cause a disease
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