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Features of the workhouse post 1834

Type of work: Details 10 hrs 6 days week boring. Oakum picking = taking ropes to threads. Men broke stones. Females cleaned and crushed animal bones.
Type of work: Reasons it caused opposition Crushing bones was a huge health hazard because of the TOCs which were released.
Food and clothes: Details bread + cheese, suet pudding. Meals very dull and boring. Wore a uniform. Ate with hands.
Food and clothes: Reasons it caused opposition Dehumanising.
Segregation: Details Every 6 weeks liberty to leave granted to men on Monday and Women on Wednesday. Dining hall = Women on left and men on right. Both sexes segregated.
Segregation: Reasons it caused opposition Contradicted Victorian ideas of the importance of family.
Building layout: Details Identical. Dull. Designed for segregation Devised into Men, women, boys and girls. Guards have tower up high up discouraged met up.
Building layout: Reasons it caused opposition Lack of privacy. Causes fear.
Infirmaries: Details Opium used for pain relief. Staffed by old drunk illiterate women. Overcrowded.
Infirmaries: Reasons it caused opposition They were disgusting and inhumane.
The poverty trap: Reasons it caused opposition No opportunity to change. Didn't solve to problem.
Created by: supercars