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The Five Year Plans

Which organisation was responsible for setting the production targets of the FYPs (Five Year Plans)? The Gosplan.
What was the main job of the Gosplan? To ensure that economic objectives were met by matching input against output.
Why did the Gosplan find it difficult to do its job? Firstly the Communist Government said what should be produced and when. Secondly Regional Party leaders argued as to why their region should be prioritized for resources. Thirdly the Gosplan as not given good information on pricing of imports + exports.
Were the targets set to be ambitious? Why? Yes. This was to motivate managers to meet their quotas and to encourage workers to work as hard as possible.
What was the consequence for not meeting targets? You'd get a criminal offence.
Was their corruption in the system from the outset? Yes. Faulty reporting was a thing from the start.
The FFYP (1928-1932) Focused on the development of heavy industries, including the coal industry. For example in 1927-28 the actual production of coal was 35.4 million tonnes. Target at end = 75. But actual 64.4. Although didn't meet target still a massive increase.
The SFYP (1933-1937) Heavy industry still priority. Growth in light industries e.g. electricity. Coal 1937 target p = 152.5. Actual =128. Electricity target p = 38K m.KWh. Actual = 36K. Metals mined for 1st time. Secret rearmament production.
The 3rd FYP (1938-1941) Increased focus on defense sector because of growing threat of Nazi Germany. Heavy industry was still prioritized. Weaponry spending doubled 1938-40. Effects e.g. Oil targets not met = fuel crisis. Finished early because of Nazi invasion in 1941.
Yes the FYPs achieved a lot but they all had at least one shortfall in common. State one. Not enough consumer goods were produced. Less than under the NEP system.
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