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The Second Stage 1932 - 1934

Give two causes of famine 1932-34 in Ukraine & other areas. 1. A fall of grain production due to the removal of the Kulaks - experienced farmers and replaced by activists = less skill. 2. A drought in 1931
How many people died during the famine? Millions. Don't know exact statistic because the Soviet Regime wasn't admitting that Collectivization wasn't delivering enough food to the peasants. Some say it was used as a weapon to break peasant resistance & Kulaks.
What were thousands of officials and detachments of the OGPU sent out to do? Sent to requisition grain in Ukraine a particular enemy to collectivization. Did this brutally and collected all grain that the peasants hid. Conquest claims made that peasants dumped grain in railway sidings to deliberately cause starvation.
What law did the government bring in to make sure grain was handed over? On the 7th August 1932 the Seventh-Eighths was passed. It set a punishment of initially 10 years imprisonment to anyone that stole 'socialized property'
What did the government bring in to stop peasants from fleeing famine hit areas? Internal passports. These controlled the movement of people trying to move between each district.
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