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Reasons for the great turn

Reason 1: Serious weaknesses in industrial management. More products needed to be produced than they were to improve quality and lower the prices of them. Workers both agricultural and industrial suffered from harsh economic conditions. Unemployment, low wages.
Reason 2: People thought the industrialisation process should be sped up a bit. The NEP by 1927 was failing to produce enough industrial and agricultural goods which many had expected. Wanted Russia to be self-efficient so it didn't have to rely on foreign imports.
Reason 3: Massive grain crisis in Winter of 1927 and 1928. The Government purchased 25% less grain than the year before. Peasants focused on producing industrial goods to make more money as they'd earn less selling food.
Reason 4: Many thought to reach 'true socialism' it was imperative that the State shouldn't have to rely on peasants selling grain privately and they buy from them. Instead the State themselves takeover grain production and make agriculture + industry centralised.
Reason 5: Stalin was more radical and possibly felt strong and confident enough to push through his ideas for the 'Great Turn'.
Created by: supercars