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Repression during the NEP.

Censorship Pre-publication censorship was introduced. Writings such as poems and stories had to be sent to the GLAVIT before being published.
Attacks on political rivals Pressure on rival socialist parties increased. The strikes and revolts -the Socialist Revolutionaries and Mensheviks encouraged them. The Bolsheviks used this as an excuse to arrest 5000 Mensheviks in 1921. Both political parties were outlawed.
Establishment of the GPU Cheka renamed CPU in 1922. The secret police became more important under the NEP. Imprisonment and death penalty continued to be used. For a time they arrested Nepmen as class enemies to assure leftists that they were keeping Capitalism restricted.
Show trials Show trials. People forced admit guilt even if they weren't. E.g. Claim made that the Central Committee and the Socialist revolutionaries had made plans to assassinate Lenin. 34 Socialist Revolutionary leaders were condemned as terrorists; 11 executed.
Crushing of peasant revolts Peasants who'd revolted against the government treated harshly. For example in the Tambov region rebel villages were completely destroyed in 1922 by the Red Army.
Attacks on the Church Attacked the Church because they saw it as a rival to their power. In 1921 the Union of the Militant Goddess was set up to challenge the Church directly. in 1922 Churches were stripped of their valuables. Leaders of Orthodox Church executed.
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