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What NEP stands for

(National Freedoms) Which ethnic groups did Lenin allow their freedom? To national and Muslim Cultures.
(National Freedoms) Although the Bolsheviks controlled Ukraine, were the Ukrainians allowed to keep speaking their language? Yes they were. In fact it was still taught in schools under the Bolshevik regime.
(National Freedoms) In Muslim areas were bazars etc. allowed to reopen and continue? Yes they were. Mosques were removed from Soviet control and the Koran was restored. People encouraged to speak their own language.
(Experts) Which industries stayed nationalised? The coal, iron, steel and railway industries.
(Experts) Were 'experts' in their thing employed and paid a higher wage? Yes. To increase production
(Private enterprise) Did the Bolsheviks hand back factories to their rightful owner? Yes.
(Private enterprise) What was the name of the traders? What did they do? They were called 'nepmen' and they were allowed to set up private small businesses. For a time they greatly boosted the Russian economy.
(Private enterprise) What did the NEP system allow the peasants to do which War Communism didn't? To grow their own grain and sell it on the free-market. However for this Lenin expected them to pay a tax on what they sold.
What was the rich peasant called? a 'Kulak'. They employed other peasants.
What does NEP stand for? New Economic Policy.
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