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Global 9 Final Rev

Review for Final Exam

Korea's role with China & Japan Cultural Land Bridge
Rules of Personal Conduct (Religions & Belief Systems) 5 Pillars (Islam) 10 Commandments (Judaism & Christianity) 8 Fold Path: Buddhism
Geography of Japan archipelago (chain of islands), no farming (no arable land), "Ring of Fire" (earthquakes, tsunamis)
Confucian Belief Set a good example, follow the good example
Belief that if you do good, good things will happen ( (Hinduism) Karma
Mother country Makes More Money from raw Materials & Markets Mercantilism
Define: encomienda Latin America plantation where native people were forced to work
What does the triangle symbolize in Global 9 Rigid social structure (born into a class, cannot change class)
What happened to many of the native people in the Spanish colonies? Died of small pox
Why were Europeans able to conquer the people in the Americas? military technology (guns and gunpowder)
The first step in the Atlantic Slave Trade Africans kidnap other Africans to sell/trade to Europeans
Describe Triangle Trade shipping goods and people between Europe->Africa->New World-> Europe, etc.
Golden Age of Mali Mansa Musa peace and prosperity ($), learning (Timbuktu)
Focus of Belief Systems of Japan (Shintoism) & Africa (Animism) NATURE!!!
Goal of Peter the Great Modernize and Westernize Russia
Mongol Rule effects Societies were able to keep parts of their culture
How was Italy able to become a major trading hub in the 1300s? Geography: a peninsula in the Mediterranean sea
Power from God China: France Mandate of Heaven: Divine Right of Kings
Define: Divine Right The belief that a ruler's power came from God
Dynastic Cycle of China New Ruling Family (Emperor)-> Good things-> Problems: Drought, war-> Corrupt leaders->People REVOLT and get rid of ruler /dynasty-> New Ruling family! (Starts all over....)
India's Golden Age The Gupta Empire *concept of zero, art, literature, math and science
Why did knights go on a Crusade? To reclaim the Holy Land (Jerusalem) from the Muslim Turks *glory & fame *family taken care of *sins forgiven *go straight to Heaven when a Crusader dies
Role of Catholic Church during the Middle Ages POWERFUL! Provided everything for people (education, salvation, hospital, etc.)
Social Classes (TRIANGLE): Why did it work? Social Class systems provide order Everyone knows their "place", job, etc.
Middle Ages Manor SELF-SUFFICIENT Depended on agriculture (farming)
Name the Empire: Prezerved Greek & Roman ideals Eastern Orthodox Church Justinian Code Byzantine Empire
Which Empire maintained Christianity during the Middle Ages? The Byzantine Empire
Define: cultural diffusion the exchange of goods, ideas, technology (due to trade, invasions, etc.)
Define: monotheism the belief in one God
Name the 3 major monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity, Muslim
Where did democracy begin Ancient Greece
Results of the Neolithic Revolution *permanent settlements *domestication of plants and animals *writing systems *organized religions
Where were the first humans found? East Africa (founded by the Leakeys!)
Define: Traditional economy *"Old fashioned" ways *sons learn from fathers, daughters learn from mothers *farming is main job
Created by: mcarnes9