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Christianity in Rome

Where did Christianity develop? In a Jewish community part of Roman controlled Palestine.
Who was Jesus of Nazareth? The Son of God, he was sent to save everyone from their sins. On earth he was raised by a humble Jewish family and became a traveling teacher as an adult.
What did Jesus preach? That charity and compassion were more important than Jewish traditions and obedience to Rabbis.
What did Jesus's followers believe about him? That he was the Messiah foretold in Hebrew prophecy
Jesus is the son of Who? God
Who was directly threatened by Jesus's teachings? Jewish religious leaders and the Roman State
Who ordered the arrest and execution of Jesus? The Roman governor of Palestine
Who pressured the Roman governor of Palestine to arrest and execute Jesus? Jewish religious leaders
What happened to Jesus after his crucifixion? He was resurrected after the third day
What did Jesus resurrecting prove? His divinity
Where did Christianity become very popular? Among the Gentile population
What Gentile groups really believed in Christianity? Oppressed groups like women, slaves, and commoners
Who went around Rome spreading the gospel? Paul, formerly Saul
Who continued to organize the Christian religion by establishing the first formal centers of worship? Peter
What was the official Christian church in Rome? The Roman Catholic Church
What emperor legalized Christianity in Rome? Constantine
When did Constantine legalize Christianity in Rome? 313 CE
What was the document that legalized Christianity? The Edict of Milan
Created by: savannahreynolds