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Mediterranen Polythe

Polytheism in Greece and Rome

What did the Greeks and Romans worship? A pantheon of gods and goddesses
What did each god and goddess represent? An important aspect of Mediterranean like like Love, Wisdom, the Sea, and War
What did the Greeks and Romans believe about their gods and goddesses emotions? They believed they had the same emotions as humans and engaged with each other and humans in troublesome ways.
What did these beliefs about their gods and goddesses lead to? The development of a rich mythological literary tradition.
What did Greeks and Romans do to appease their gods and goddesses? They constructed monumental architecture like the Parthenon in Athens and the Pantheon in Rome and the development of complex state run rituals that helped justify the power of the government.
Essentially where did Roman religion originate from? Cultural diffusion from Greece, however it did develop some unique attributes.
Roman emperors often did what after death? Deified
What did Roman Emperors sometimes do with their loved ones in relation to their religion? They would add them to their pantheon of gods.
What is an example of an Emperor deifying a loved one? The Emperor Hadrian ordered the deification of his close companion Antinous after his death in 130 CE.
Created by: savannahreynolds