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Catholic Emanipation - Lives of Roman Catholics 1534-1828

1534-53 Henry VIII broke away from Rome and became the Head of the C of E. Moderate under Henry VIII, however England was radically protestant under his son Edward VI. In Churches Wall paintings etc. removed + bible written in English.
1553-58 Mary I re-established Catholicism . Nicknamed 'Bloody Mary' because she burned to death 300 protestants, five of which were bishops.
1558-1603 Elisabeth I re-established moderate Protestantism. Catholics fined if they didn't turn up to Church. She survived several Catholic plots to replace her with Catholic Mary, Queen of Scots. Plus survived Spanish Armada.
1605 The Gunpowder Plot: Plan was that they were going to blow up Parliament with gunpowder with James I in it. Plot by Catholics to replace him with a Catholic monarch.
1625-42 Puritans suspicious that Charles I was trying to return England to Catholicism. His wife was a French Catholic.
1649-60 Cromwell massacred Catholic civilians as well as soldiers at Drogheda.
1661-73 The Corporation Act 1661, forbid anyone tat wouldn't worship the Anglican Church way from holding Public Office. The 1673 Test Act forbid Catholics from holding any military or civil offices.
1668 James II deposed by nobles & MPs - feared he'd return England to Catholicism. Had a son to be raised as a Catholic. Also had a daughter - to be raised as a Protestant. Parliament Forced James and son to abdicate in favour of daughter + William of Orange.
1689 Bill of Rights Passed. Disallowed a Catholic or someone married to one to become king or queen.
1715 James II's son tried to regain the throne. His English supporters were defeated at the Battle of Preston.
1745 Another attempt to restore Catholic monarchy. James II's grandson defeated at the battle of Culloden.
1778-80 Catholic Relief Act 1778 allowed Catholics to own property.
1780 Gordon Riots in London in which Catholic churches were destroyed and over 300 people were killed.
1801 Act of Union passed meant that Ireland became part of the UK. Agreed as long as Catholics had full civil and political rights. George III didn't agree to it arguing that his coronation bound him to uphold the Protestant religion. George IV the same.
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