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Pressure Groups

Aim of the Anti-Slavery Movement To outlaw slavery in the British colonies + for children who were born to slaves to be born free.
Anti-Slavery Movement: Evidence that proves success The abolition of Slavery Act was passed in 1833, giving slaves within British territories their freedom.
Anti-Slavery Movement: Evidence that proves failure The slave trade was a massive business of slave plantations and made Britain lots of money. Plantation owners in West Indies said they could sell a healthy slave at £50. It was the MPs interests that that slavery in the West Indies continued.
Aim of Methodism To have the same preaching rights as Anglican priests.
Methodism: Evidence that proves success Methodist preachers were given the same rights as Anglican preachers. A Toleration Act gave Methodists legal protection to worship in towns/cities (no longer 5 miles outside of town) and confirmed they were not a destabilising influence on society.
Aim of the Irish Radicalism - Young Ireland (1840s radical group) Repeal the Union between Britain and Ireland.
Young Ireland: Evidence that proves success To some extent it makes the start of a new era of troubles for the British Government in Ireland. More demands for political home rule in Ireland.
Young Ireland: Evidence that proves failure The 1848 Abortive Young Ireland Rising was quickly and easily put down by the police and troops deployed into Ireland.
Aim of the Anti-Poor Law League For all poor people to receive humane treatment. So, repeal the New 1834 Poor Laws.
Were the Anti-Poor Law League successful? No. Poor Leadership. From 1834-37 harvests had been good and Act was being incorporated. Rise of Employment on railways. 1837 = recession. Meetings were held abuses of system discussed . Quickly fizzled = too much competition from Chartists. No Support.
Aim of the Anti-Corn Law League To get the 1815 Corn Laws repealed.
Anti-Corn Law League: Evidence that proves success Well Organised and financed. Had widespread public support. Peel in 1941 repealed Corn Laws. Is What British merchants wanted so that they could trade more goods in Britain and overseas cheaply.
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