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Greece and Rome

The impact of Greece and Rome on the world

What did the classical age of the Greeks and Romans do for the modern western world? Laid many of the political foundations
What did the Athenian and Roman approach to governance allow? A portion of the population to participate as citizens rather than simply obey as subjects
What did the Athenian and Roman governance approach inspire? The Enlightenment thinkers of the 18th century
What led to the emergence of modern participatory democracy? French and English philosophers finding inspiration in the writings of the Greeks and Romans.
What survived in Europe long after the collapse of Rome? Roman law codes
What served as the starting point for the development of many modern European law codes? Roman law codes
What was developed in Greece and further expanded upon in Rome? Humanism and rational philosophy
What did both Greece and Rome leave behind them? A wide and long lived cultural legacy
What was developed in Greece and further explored in Rome? Humanism and rational philosophy
What did humanism and rational philosophy serve as the foundation for? The European Renaissance and Scientific Revolution
What Greek and Roman discoveries made their way to the Arab world? Science and Engineering
Why were science and Engineering important to the Arab world? They were key to the development of navigational technologies that spurred the Age of Exploration.
What were the results of discoveries in Greek and Roman engineering techniques? The construction of monumental architecture, irrigation and municipal water systems, and roads that contributed to a prosperous and cosmopolitan society.
Created by: savannahreynolds