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Important People 1

Important people of the Mediterranean

Who was Socrates? An Athenian philosopher who lived from 470 to 399 BCE.
What did Socrates believe? That there were no absolute standards for truth and justice.
What did Socrates encourage his students to do? To question their assumptions, values, and opinions
How did Socrates accomplish his method of teaching? He developed a teaching method that would ask students a series of leading questions.
What was Socrates method called? The Socratic method
How did the Socratic Method work? It challenged students to think for themselves rather than accept traditional understandings of the world.
What did Athenian authorities think of Socrates? He was too much for them and was sentenced to death
When was Socrates sentenced to death? 399 BCE
Why was Socrates executed? For corrupting the youth of Athens
Who was Plato? A Greek philosopher who was also Socrates' student
When was Plato alive? 427 to 347 BCE
What did Plato do in regards to Socrates' teachings? He is responsible for recording many of them
What did Plato continue to expand upon? The philosophical work of Plato and encouraged rational thought.
What is Plato's most famous work? Allegory of the Cave
In what book can the Allegory of the Cave be found? The Republic
When was The Republic published? 370 BCE
What did Plato compare in the Allegory of the Cave The traditions and superstitions that most people rely upon to understand the world as shadows of the real truth.
Was Plato's book The Republic well liked? It dominated the philosophical work for 1,500 years.
Who was Aristotle? A student who attended Plato's school, the Academy.
When was Aristotle alive? 384 to 322 BCE
What was the name of the school Aristotle founded? The Lyceum
What did Aristotle collect and categorize? All of the knowledge from a wide variety of disciplines.
What were the disciplines Aristotle collected knowledge from? Politics, philosophy, ethics, poetry, physics, astronomy, meteorology, zoology, and psychology.
How has Aristotle's work affected the modern study of these disciplines? He laid the foundation of knowledge that we need
What was Alexander the Great and Aristotle's relationship? They were pupils when Alexander was the Prince of Macedonia
Who was Alexander's father? Philip ll
What great thing did Philip ll complete before he died? He conquered and unified Greece.
When did Philip ll unify Greece? 338 BCE
When did Alexander become king of Macedonia? 336 BCE
When did Alexander announce that he would lead a unified force of Greeks and Macedonians to conquer the Persian Empire? 334 BCE
Why did Alexander want to invade the Persian Empire? To get revenge for the Persian invasion of Greece in 480 BCE.
What had Alexander's army completed by 326 BCE? They had defeated the Persian Empire, taking control of the Middle East and Egypt and crossed the Indus RIver in Northern India.
What did Alexander leave behind him as he conquered Eurasia? A series of new cities inhabited by a mix of indigenous peoples and Greek colonists.
At what age did Alexander die? 32
When did Alexander die? 323 BCE
Why was Alexander's kingdom not given to an heir? Alexander did not have an heir
Who eventually got Alexander's empire? His generals, they divided amongst themselves
What was short lived about Alexander's empire? Political unity
What was long term about Alexander's empire? Cultural legacy
What is the blending of Greek culture into other places? Hellenistic synthesis
Who took advantage of political and economic instability after the Punic Wars to accumulate power for himself? Julius Caesar
When was the first triumvirate formed? 60 BCE
What did the first triumvirate do for Rome? The three men dominated the government of the Republic for 10 years.
During the time of the first triumvirate what did Julius Caesar do with his military genius? Conquered all of Gaul (modern day France) for Rome.
Was his success well received amongst the triumvirate and Roman senate? No, his success worried them.
Why were the fears of the triumvirate and the senate well founded? Caesar's soldiers were deeply loyal and he was enormously popular among the people of the Roman heartland.
What did the senate do in an attempt to control Caesar? They ordered him to disband his armies and return to Rome.
What did Caesar do instead of following the orders of the Senate? He marched on Rome with his troops, crossing the Rubicon river in 49 BCE, easily taking the city of Rome.
By what time had Caesar defeated his political rivals and pressured the Roman senate to name him dictator for life. 44 BCE
When do most historians mark the end of the Roman Republic? When Caesar declares himself dictator
When was Caesar assassinated by the Senate? March of 44 BCE
Why did the Senate assassinate Caesar? In an attempt to restore the republic
What Roman leader began his life as Octavian? Augustus Caesar
Who was Augustus Caesar to Julius Caesar? His adopted son
What did Augustus form with two other supporters of Julius Caesar? The second triumvirate
Why did the second triumvirate fall apart? Political ambition and jealousy
How did Octavian get rid of the other two triumvirate members? He forced one member into retirement and defeated the other in a civil war
Once Octavian was sole ruler of Rome, what was name changed to? Augustus Caesar
When was Octavian's title changed? 27 BCE
What was Augustus Caesar the first of? Roman Emperor
When did Augustus Caesar die? 14 CE
What was the ascension of Augustus Caesar known as? Pax Romana
How long did Pax Romana last? 207 Years
What was so special about Pax Romana? It is considered the high point in Roman political, economic, and cultural dominance.
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