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Mayans, Aztecs, Inca

Module 13

Why did the Aztecs take control of the Valley of Mexico? Settled because it has lakes and fertile soil
What city arose in Mexico in the first century AD? The city-state called Teotihuacan
What does Teotihuacan mean? City of Gods
What trade item was used to make sharp weapons? Obsidian
What was Tenochtitlan built on? A lake
When did the Maya civilization exist between? 250 and 900 A.D.
What did the Mayans create? City-states
What was each city-state? Religious center and trade center
What was barbaric that the Mayans did? They offered blood or did human sacrifices to their gods.
How many calendars were made and what were they based on? 2 calendars; religious based on 13 twenty day months and sun calendars that had 18months with 20 days.
Where did North American Societies settle? Throughout North and South America
What was the location? Oregon to Alaska
What was the potlach? A ceremony where wealthy families could show their rank.
What did pueblos have? Small windows to let the sun in.
What were another group of native Americans called? Mississippians
Where did the Incas develop? Andes Mountain of South America
What did the Inca belived about their ruler? That he was related to the sun god Inti
How long did the Inca rule the area for? 200 years
What was the Inca environment like? harsh physical conditions such as warm weather
What were small groups of people that worked for the common good know as? Ayllu
Created by: 23jcarbone