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Chinese Civilization

The development of Chinese Civilizations

What is the Mandate of Heaven? A rule that states that the ruling dynasty has been charged by heaven to rule the people with benevolence.
What dynasty relied on a sense of feudalism to administer the empire? The Zhou Dynasty
Who won the Warring States Period? Shi Huangdi
What dynasty did Shi Huangdi begin? The Qin Dynasty
What is legalism? The belief that people are self-serving and destructive therefore societal order had to be maintained with strict laws and harsh punishments.
What emperor strongly agreed with legalism? Emperor Shi Huangdi
What is the Qin Dynasty given credit for? Unifying China politically, economically, and culturally.
What was standardized under the Qin dynasty? Weights, measures, coinage, laws, writing, and axle length.
What did the Qin Dynasty state direct? The construction of extensive roads and canals, work on the Great Wall of China, and land reforms that broke up power of feudal lords.
What led to a rebellion after Shi Huangdi's death? The extensive use of forced labor and excessive taxation.
Out of these rebellions, what peasant rose up and became Emperor of China? Liu Bang
What dynasty did Liu Bang begin? The Han Dynasty
What emperor disagreed with legalism and more agreed with confucianism? Emperor Liu Bang
What were the Han able to do that the Qin couldn't do? They were able to maintain control of an Empire even larger than the Qin.
What was the capital during the Han dynasty? Chang'an
Who staffed the bureaucracy during the Han Dynasty? Educated civil servants
What advanced things did the Han Dynasty state operate? An effective tax collection system, a postal service, extensive roads, canals, and defensive walls.
What did the security of the Han Dynasty lead to? A thriving economy that engaged in extensive internal and international trade.
What was the most lucrative export during the Han Dynasty? Silk
What also aided the growth of the economy? Advancements in farm technology like the horse collar and better irrigation.
When did the Han dynasty begin to decline? 200 CE
What contributed to the decline of the Han dynasty? Bureaucratic corruption and infighting, food shortages, epidemic disease, banditry, and pressure from nomadic invaders along the northern border.
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