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Age of Exploration

(Willis) Age of Exploration

his individual inspired Portuguese explorers and sponsored voyages. He established trading posts along the west coast of Africa. Sent expeditions east along the coast of Africa. Lastly, hoped to Christianize the Africans. Prince Henry "The Navigator"
He was the first to round the southern tip of Africa Bartholomeu Dias
This explorer was the first to sail around Africa and then reached India 10 months later. Vasco de Gama
This explorer greatly underestimated the size of the Earth and explored the islands of the Caribbean, which he believed to be the East Indies. Christopher Columbus
This individual set a Line of Demarcation dividing all non-European land between Spain and Portugal in the Treaty of Tordesillas. Pope Alexander VI
The Western Hemisphere was named "America" after this Italian sea captain. Amerigo Vespucci
This explorer and his voyage were the first to circumnavigate the entire globe Ferdinand Magellan
The ______ were the first Europeans to set up small trading posts on the West African coast. Portuguese
This individual converted to Christianity and tried to persuade Portugal to end the slave trade. Affonso I of Kongo
This lasted 300 years and had huge effects on Africa's population. Transatlantic slave trade
Portugal became the first European power to gain a foothold in _____. Asia
This area was known as the Spice Islands Moluccas
The ______ were the first to challenge the Portuguese. Dutch
The Dutch East India Company was fully _______. They could build armies and navies and negotiate treaties. sovereign
This was the first permanent European colony in sub-Saharan Africa Cape Town
These Europeans were the first to reach China in 1514. Portuguese
The Dutch and English traders were able to trade in this Chinese city. Canton
Most of what Europeans knew about China came from this individual. Matteo Ricci
This British diplomat sought greater trading rights in China but his behavior offended the emperor. Lord Macartney
This term means to cut off contact with the outside world. Isolationist
These missionaries converted 300,000 Japanese. Jesuit
This explorer sparked a wave of exploration and conquest that forever changed the world. Christopher Columbus
The Spaniards who came to conquer the New World were known as Conquistadors
The Spanish explorer that planned to conquer the Aztecs. Hernan Cortes
This term refers to the human body's ability to resist certain illnesses. Immunity
Cortes conquered the Aztec capital city called Tenochtitlan
This Spanish conquistador conquered the Inca in Peru Francisco Pizarro
This term means to send goods to another country. Export
This system under the Spanish forced the Native Americans to work in mines and on plantations. Encomienda system
This individual was a Spanish priest who condemned the encomienda system. Bartolome de Las Casas
People born in Spain were known as Peninsulares
American-born descendants of Spanish settlers were known as Creoles
Individuals with Native American/European descent or African/European descent were known as Mestizos and Mulattoes
Portugal claimed an empire in Brazil
A series of trade routes linking Europe, Africa, and the Americas was known as Triangular Trade
The second part of the triangular trade route where slaves were transported to the Americas was known as the Middle Passage
This individual was formerly a slave and fought to end the slave trade. Olaudah Equiano
The slave ships were known as floating coffins
The exchange of people, goods, plants, and animals that came after the European voyages. Columbian Exchange
This occurred as a result of the direct links between the continents. Commercial Revolution
This period is defined by the growth of capitalism and privately owned businesses. Price Revolution
This term refers to the increase in prices but the fall of value of money. Inflation
The system in which merchants distribute raw materials to peasants and the peasant processes the raw material into a finished product. Cottage industry
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