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Maurya and Gupta

The rise and fall of the Maurya and Gupta Empires

What empire was the first empire to unify large areas of India? The Maurya Empire
How long did the Maurya Empire last? From 324 BCE to 184 BCE
Who was the founding emperor of the Maurya Empire? Chandragupta Maurya
Who inspired Chandragupta Maurya? Alexander the Great
Who ruled the Maurya Empire? Hereditary monarchs aided by an elaborate bureaucracy
What was the central government able to do in the Maurya Empire? Collect high taxes, issue a standard currency, and maintain control of mining,
What kept the central government aware of disloyalty? An extensive network of spies.
What did the Maurya army have? Elephants, chariots, and calvary divisions.
What was the primary economic activity in the Maurya empire? Agriculture
What was also important to the economy of the Maurya Empire? Cotton cloth, iron, and salt
Who did the Maurya Empire trade with? Southeast Asia and the Middle East
How did the Maurya trade with other places? Extensive networks of roads and maritime connections
What Emperor came to power in 269 BCE? Emperor Ashoka
What religion did Ashoka practice and encouraged in his empire? Buddhism
What was an important factor in ensuring the longevity of Buddhism as a major world religion? Ashoka's encouragement and the pillars that promoted it.
When did the Maurya empire fall? 184 BCE
Why did the Maurya empire fall? Dynastic disputes and invasions by outside enemies.
What empire followed after the Maurya Empire? The Gupta Empire
Where did the Gupta Empire rule? A portion of North Central India
Who was the founder of the Gupta Empire? Chandra Gupta
What were the Maurya able to do that the Gupta couldn't do? Maintain central authority
What had a resurgence during the Gupta Empire? Hinduism
What did hinduism strength in the Gupta Empire? The Caste system
What is Sati The tradition of widows throwing themselves at their late husband's pyre.
Mathematics flourished in the Gupta Empire, what were some key elements founded during this time? The decimal system, Arabic numerals, and pi.
When did the Gupta empire fall? 500s CE
Created by: savannahreynolds