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Parkinson' s disease 帕金森病
myasthenia gravis 重症肌无力
periodic paralysis 周期性麻痹
facial neuritis 面神经炎
trigeminal neuralgia 三叉神经痛
brachial plexus neuralgia 臂丛神经痛
transient ischemic attack 短暂脑缺血发作
glaucoma 青光眼
cataract 白内障
retinal detachment 视网膜脱落
strabismus 斜视
myopia 近视
fundus diseases 眼底病
amblyopia 弱视
keratitis 角膜炎
uveitis 葡萄膜炎
retinopathy 视网膜病
hordeolum 麦粒肿
conjunctivitis 结膜炎
refractive error 屈光不正
ptosis 上险下垂
dry eye syndrome 干眼症
macular degeneration 黄斑变性
toothache 牙痛
dental caries 龋齿
pulpitis 牙髓炎
periodontitis 牙周炎
gingivitis 牙龈
pericoronitis 冠周炎
impacted tooth 阻生齿
periodontal disease 牙周病
dental ulcer 口腔溃疡
dentognathic deformity 牙颌畸形
oral and maxillofacial tumors 口腔颌面部肿瘤
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